Last Minute Gift Guide: Nob Hill

Little Bear Coffee

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Little Bear Coffee
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Nestled in the revamped Disco Display House space, Little Bear Coffee’s new Nob Hill location houses more than just fantastic coffee and all the fancy-schmancy supplies you need to brew your own at home. Several diverse local merchants are represented in Little Bear’s And Stuff collective retail space. From Harvest Moon Books’ carefully curated titles to sustainable and upcycled clothing by Neothread and Celestial Printing, handcrafted jewelry by tumble and a greenhouse full of plants, Little Bear and its And Stuff retail space is a perfect place to find something special for the stylish, forward-thinking friends and family on your list.

Agave Florist At Nob Hill

All apologies to the Mission Impossible franchise but sending encrypted holiday messages needn’t take the form of a tape (or disc) that will self-destruct in 5 (or 10) seconds. For thousands of years, traditional cultures of Europe, Asia and Africa have achieved fluency in the cryptic art of communicating in the language of flowers aka floriography. Incorporate hydrangea, which traditionally expresses gratitude for innate understanding, for that friend who just gets you. Agave Florist has a reputation for creating uncommon arrangements that hew close enough to the norm to make their bouquets fit for both a blushing bride and your flower-loving grandpa.

Avenger’s Vintage

Avengers Vintage
There’s something special about shopping secondhand for fashion and accessories to gift during the holidaze. The item you’re wrapping or boxing up to nestle beneath the giftee’s Christmas tree or glowing fireplace mantel has a whole history that’s unknown to both you, the giver, and them, the receiver. It makes sense to shop for these sorts of uncommon objects at an outlet with just as storied a history and background. Avenger’s Vintage is the brainchild of Das Anastasiou, the former proprietor of pre-ART construction Nob Hill resale favorite Revolver Vintage. From fancy cocktail dresses, leopard print pillbox hats and armloads of vivid Lucite bangles to fancy dress Western shirts and vintage lighters, Avenger’s Vintage has a little something for everyone on your well-heeled list.
Avengers Vintage

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