Last-Minute Gift Guide

Don't Get Malled

Laura Marrich
1 min read
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Let’s get right down to business: You still need gifts, and Christmas is less than two weeks away.


But as scary as last-minute shopping is, there’s no need to panic. Just run like the dickens away from the malls. All that awaits you there is migraine-inducing traffic,
loooong lines and uncaring customer service. For a far more pleasant experience, we recommend you head to one of the mall-free parts of town we feature here in our Last-Minute Gift Guide. Each area we highlight (including a section on Santa Fe stores, should you be in the neighborhood) has outrageously fine, locally owned and operated shopping at reasonable prices. And no mall parking lots to contend with, we might add.

Rest assured the stores we feature were independently selected by the
Alibi editorial staff—no advertising dollars changed hands. We love these stores because they’re as one-of-a-kind as you are.

For even more ideas, you’ll want to peruse our regular
Holiday Gift Guide. Then fire up the sleigh and shop to it!
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