(July 23-Aug. 22) Generous, Original, Passionate

Kyra Gurney
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Whether wild and curly or thick and straight, a lion loves her mane. Spoil your favorite Leo with volumizing shampoo and conditioner or splurge on some styling foam. She’ll be grateful for the attention you’ve paid her hair; every Leo knows good grooming is the key to success.

Tin Sacred Heart, $24

Give a Leo your whole heart; he’ll be satisfied with nothing less. Better yet, give him a heart he can hang on his wall. From San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, this handmade tin creation will awaken his passionate nature and remind him of your love.

Janette Cat Clutch, $40

This kitty purse, complete with a mirror and plenty of pockets, is perfect for a Leo’s shopping sprees. It may even inspire her to purchase an animal print wardrobe to connect with her feline roots. Of course, she’s generous and will probably buy a few things for you while she’s at it. If you end up with a leopard print jacket this winter, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Blue Rose Photo Gift Certificate, Packages Start At $100

Nobody lights up a picture like Leos. Their confidence and ease make them the envy of the other signs when it comes to being photogenic. Give your Leo pals a chance to shine with a gift certificate from a photography studio. While they certainly won’t mind posing alone, you may be invited along so they can have pictures of the friends they hold so dear to hang on their walls.

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