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Best Restaurant At Which To Get Drunk With Your Girlfriends Without Running Into Ex-Boyfriends, Coworkers, Frat Boys Or Perverted Old Men

Love the back patio.

Best Breakfast

Runny yolks were great when I was six, now they're gross. Apparently the concept of flipping eggs hasn't caught on with most cooks here. Murph's is the only restaurant that has never once messed up my breakfast—thank you! I love you!

Best Restaurant That'S Not Yet Downtown

One that's open late to feed the drunks and bar staffs. What the hell?

Best Steakhouse

A combination steakhouse and package liquor store? Genius!

Best Restaurant That Bears No Resemblance To Albuquerque

Especially the downstairs—it looks like (dare I say it?) a New York City bar. Good food and no Kokopellis. How refreshing.

Best Restaurant For Tacos You'Re Going To Eat While Driving

It's an art, really, to eat tacos while driving, especially if you've got a stick shift. Hacienda's tacos are cheap, tasty and they come in handy containers that minimize damage in case of sudden stops. Ask for extra cheese.

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