Local Gift Guide 2019

Give The Gift Of Stuff And More Stuff

Devin D. O'Leary
1 min read
christmas tree
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Honestly, we held out as long as we could. We held out longer than Walmart, which put out its Christmas decorations weeks ago. Radio stations are already flirting with playing Christmas tunes. Heck, the Hallmark Channel was airing Christmas rom-coms back in July. So we here at the Alibi feel we’ve exercised incredible restraint in waiting until the latter half of November to come out with our Local Holiday Gift Guide.

Whether you’re looking to give presents on Hanukkah (Dec. 22) or Festivus (Dec. 23) or Christmas (Dec. 25) or Kwanzaa (Dec. 26) or whatever holiday you celebrate, it’s nice to support the local economy. So we’ve asked our wise and generous
Alibi editors to offer up some of their favorite New Mexico-made/New Mexico-sold products, suitable for wrapping up and giving away—everything from musical instruments to CBD products. And if you see something you fancy for yourself along the way … well, feel free to ask Santa for it.
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