Love Is In The Air

“That'S What That Smell Is!”

Robert Allen
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The Alibi's First Annual Valentine's Day Card Contest

Wooo-weee! We asked you to create Valentine's Day cards for your sweeties, and, by golly, you lived up to the challenge. We here at the Alibi haven't witnessed such an uninhibited outpouring of love since … well … ever! To tell you the truth, it was almost nauseating. Who knew in this cynical age of Internet isolation and rampant STDs that our readers could exude so much unabashed affection for their fellow man, woman and, in some alarming cases, animal?

Extra giant sticky gobs of nougaty gratitude to our sponsors. The very generous John Wolfe from Knot Works (8220 La Mirada NE, Suite 100, Albuquerque, NM 87111, 489-2788) donated three hour-long massages to each of our three winners. Has the stress of the War on Terror caused your shoulders to take on the consistency of hard oak slabs? Then give John a call. He'll have you loose as a goose in a very short time. Each of our winners will also receive $80 worth of gift certificates to the Monte Vista Fire Station (3201 Central NE, 255-2424), the Nob Hill eatery famous for its tasty high-class grub. Finally, and perhaps best of all, our lucky winners will receive a highly collectible Alibi T-shirt, currently trading for upwards of $660 each on eBay. You lucky devils! Congratulations to our three winners and thanks to all the card-makers who participated in the contest.

The Winners

Susanne Martin and her husband Chris are celebrating their 13th Valentine's Day together this year. To celebrate, Susanne created an elaborate card made up of 12 miniature pendants. You'd probably have to see it up close to comprehend how much effort Susanne expended in creating this card, but take our word for it: This was truly a labor of love.

Taking a cue from famed Mexican artist Jose Guadalupe Posada, Manuel Salas Jr. put together a beautifully colorful card, mixing iconography from both the Day of the Dead and Valentine's Day, all for his sweetheart Evelyn. Nice work, dude! We felt the love, and Evelyn will too!

Eric J. Garcia did some finely detailed pen work in making a flaming heart Valentine for his little darling, Mari Lu. Well done, Eric! Your Valentine would make a great tattoo. We especially liked the subtle Mexican theme. Mari Lu will love it, and if she doesn't, dump her and find someone who deserves you.

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