Love Notes: Reader-Submitted Missives Of Adoration

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Love Notes
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This is the first song from our new album.

Smoochy smoochy, my sweet smizmar!

JH Seeing your sweet face every morning kickstarts each day in a beautiful way. I’m so fortunate to have you in my life. ML

G, I’m stuck on you like I’m made out of glue. Bust out the masks and zip-ties, it’s date night! XOXOXO, G.

To: DM, I’m on the edge with you. I love you more every day. DD P.S. You make good coffee.


You’ve won my heart as I know no else could. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

Love, Shawty.

Sweet Daisy… you are the special sunrise to my days and the perfect moonlight guide for my nights. I Love You ~ SSS

Ani Bear, you make my heart swoon with a look and my body tremble with a touch. I love you. Your Bad Kitty Sher

Dear Old Crow, You really DO make me happier than a bird with a french fry. I love you to pieces. Yours, La Yegua


You’re the most amazing man, I cannot wait to be your wife! Happy Valentines mi amor, here’s to a lifetime more!

Forever yours,



I’m so proud of you! You’re such a wonderful daughter, I LOVE YOU!! You amaze me everyday!

Always here to support you,

Mom (Julia)

The Duke City Darlins,

I love you so much! I’m so happy to be a part of such an amazing & beautiful group!



Alejandro hearts annalisa

Because you are not perfect to the world, you are perfect to me alejandro hearts annalisa

Aunque no me escuchas, no me haces caso, eres bien cabezona te quiero much alejandro quiere a annalisa!

I will always be your dance partner, through happiness, sadness, fights, up and downs I will always hold you tight and take the lead A&A

Freckles – You are my favorite. Thank you for the butterflies, may they never go away. – Cheesecake

My Gorgeous Wifey Lisa,

Happy Valentine’s Day My Love!!

You are living proof…dreams really do come true!!

X.O.X.O. I.S.F.L.Y. X.O.X.O.

Love Your Wifey, Stefanie

Zohan, my Mayan. I am thrilled you are my baby daddy! Thanks for 3 years of amazing love and heres to many more!




12yrs is forever to most(we’ve been thru hell at times)but I’m exactly where I want to be, With You.

Love You Always,


Happy Valentines Day BUB!

You’re my kind of rain, let it pour for a lifetime!


AVG- I love every part of the process of loving you. (Sometimes)



I needed to meet you to know why it didn’t work with anyone else. With you, it just does. I love you so much Ben.

You’ve taught me about love and what it means to be loved, you are real and true, my sweet soul mate, my love forever, KLG!

To Len my BoBo. I love you so much. You are the cherry on top of my ice cream sundae. Be my Valentine!

To TippyLena from your Ma. I love you so very much! I am so proud of you my beautiful daughter!

My Banana Head. I love you so much! I am so proud of you! Happy Valentines Day to you and Panda!

To my Jammer! I love you and miss you so much! Happy Valentine’s Day!

To Bob from your grandma Brenda! I love you so much! You make me so happy! Happy Valentine’s Day!

To Suzanna from your dad. I love you so much! Have a Happy Valentines Day! You make me smile!


Love is patient. After a year and half of your patience I’m thankful I realized you’ve been my boo since day 1. Iloveyou Fancy

Je’aime, I am Yours! Please never doubt or question whether I belong to you. I am Yours! You complete me. Ditto

Memories and other brain engravings no longer pain me. Love the selfish and those wallowing in their own suffering…but do it from a distance.

This year, I will learn the difference between coercion and love. We need not die alone if we can put down our egos and change.

To my dearest Phyllis…Happy 9th Valentine. Thank-you for choosing me to be your Valentine again. Love you beyond always. Barb

B.R.I cant put in words how i feel for you. You make each day a little brighter. I am always gonna love you baby. K.T.

Dear Kitty, You were my valentine before I had anyone. Youll always be my baby. Happy Valentines Day. Meow. K.T.

D, Your kisses are so yummy! I grow weak in the knees when I see you. You are always in my heart. #1soulma8! xoxo. M

Munchkin i love you with all of my heart. you mean the world to me and i will love you forever happy valentines day love.

MY OMAR, Prince of Jordan,

SO thankful that we’ve been brought into each other’s lives by SOME,GREAT circumstance! I heart you! (& Ty SAHARA!)


D, such a lovely evening that was. ‘twas perfect. always on my mind. love your beautiful green eyes. otra vez. hugs and kisses. M

Botany report. The flower is closed for the winter. Maybe the bee can warm her, open her. My new place has a fireplace. And champagne.

Red croc’ed holy pants seeks middle-aged thrift store hottie. Must be risk averse and overachieving. Zipper issues ok. Delicious ass non-negotiable. See Tommy.

Elphie. I have never missed someone so much. Keep always in your heart fields of gold, transferring sour patch kids, our park and statue. Tupie.

Orwellian Appeal, episode 18. Gina encourages Pee Wee to grow a pair, defeats the queen bee at a rap battle. Nobody else does anything. Byeee.

Objectionable Suits, episode 35. Tommy receives a mysterious phone call, heavy breathing, and southern belle harp twangs. BB ensues. 6 kicked. Missiles launched ;p Absolutely!


Passion is the strong desire I feel for you. You are my purpose that I want to devote myself to everyday.

Love your Ruca

X-14, Narnar, Oddoo and Gomez: thanks for believing in the yeti.

I will never give up on us. I love you with all my heart. Forever love, digame…

Like Dawns warming rays, breaking into the Nights tempest hours, your love has saved me

My Love, my Drug, my Adam…


I will love you forever!


Honey Bunny


These last few weeks have been wonderful. Thank you for being amazing to me. I am excited for more time with you.


Queen Gazelle: The tallest of the wild Savannah. Blue moon couched on clouds above. A toad’s heart beats for you from the mud.

Abby- you are the most wonderful sister anyone could ask for! Elly and I are so lucky and thankful to have you! I love you!

Roses are yellow, Midori is green, you are the single most beautiful thing that I’ve ever seen. You are the end of my rainbow.

Paul- I have the best husband ever! Elly and I love you so much! Always and forever, Sara

Goose! You are this Mav’s copilot and special friend for always. Will you bee my Valentine, just for today? Hmm, Mmm, Zing, Bzzz ;p 🙂

Goddess: in case I haven’t told you in quite a while… I love you, and always will. Let’s not forget our memorial, you hear? Adonis

Puis-je vous embrasser à nouveau chéri? Être nu? Gagnez un séisme? Call me for a translation, Candy Toes. Use your sweet voice. I’ll use mine.

Love monkey porter,

I love you always and forever, through thick and thin. Excited we will never live without eachother

love always love monkey 2

To My Naughty Nurse,

I have enjoyed every second with you. You make me nervous and smile. To many more Valentine’s days together.



Just, only, always

Best Friend & Lover, Thank you for these last four months babe. You’re my amazing BESTFRINED & BOYFRIEND.I am so happy we are together. I love you!


Your eyes still melt me with their big buffalo brownness. Happy 5th Valentines Day, Love. Big Big.



I love laying on your belly at bedtime. Thank you for cleaning up my throw up when Mommy feeds me cheese.



I remember the snow falling on our house of dreams. I long to be nestled among the pines again. Happy Valentine’s Day.

To my Dinner Groupies Roberto, Nick, Cat, Kelly, and Rachel: Thank you for awesome friendship over the years. I miss you already. xo Jennifer Jane

Your laughter made me fall in love with you on our first date, we love passionately and beautifully

Like Water. Thank you for Loving me.

My Jackie!

Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine’s day!!!! You’ll always have my heart! I love you forever!!! Your, Joe


I adore you!

All my love,

Your Wildcat










Almost two years ago it started with a kiss,stolen undies and form of a rock. 831 always,


darren/daddy/pookie bear: we love u! from the boney-bonerz, tushie-head, button/scrunchie face, and me, the big biznatch/mama.


You are

Who makes me dream.

Your love sinks into me

As the world warms from your


Happy Valentines day love 🙂


Debra T.S.! I love you lots and lots. I hope tonight we get to hug quietly while listening to Barry White. Hugs and kisses, C.

Stephen, you’re enthusiasm for life is unrivaled! I love you with all of my heart and look forward to hours of unbridled, messy lovemaking. CS

Colin, you need to get your goat out of my back yard! It has killed my beanstalk and my spirit. Butterfly kisses and hugs, Matthew.


You are the woman of my dreams. How am I so lucky? I will cherish you til the day I die. Marry me?



Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

I’m really really really really really really really really really really really really in love with you.


Always, Forever, I Do.

KING JORGE, Finding you again after 40 years I’ve fallen deeply in SUPERLOVE with you. My sincerest response to your proposal, OH HELL YES!!! ~JeriLips

Patty darling. I love you so much! Nothing but peace, health, and happiness for both of us! Michael

To the love of my life… D.M

U make my heart dance!

Everyday I cant help but to fall deeper in love with u

Melissa – Thanks for being my Valentine over the years, you are the best. I love you

For My Hubby Robert, nothing can change the love and life that I want to forever share with you….love always your wife Petra

Tony D. I love you with all my heart. I am thankful everyday to have started a family with you! Love, Cara D.

Your boys love you Emma Lee!

Haiku for you MXG:

Repeating stories

Make me smile, just like Piglet

I am sure of you

M dear,

You truly are the one for me. I’m glad there’s a way for me to announce this. Have a delightfully happy Valentine’s Day.

To my FOREVER Valentine (Hubby), my love for you is timeless. You’re mine and we belong together, for eternity! Love wifey Vonnie (kitten) xx

Happy Valentines Day Babe!! Its not much but I love you so very much and I appreciate all you do for us! xx

To the Love of My Life Phillip! Thank You for fighting to be apart of My life. I Love You Bo Bo Hunches!!! Muuaahh!!! Muuaahh!!!

RH3. So glad that W/we are together. You make me happier than i have ever been. Love You LOTS! Looking toward many more years!

Dear Thruster,

Let’s go make trouble.

love, Danger Girl

Honey beetle, you are the beetle of my love. Yours always, Kitteh bean.

“Call Kenny Loggins…. ‘cuz you’re in the danger zone!”

– Archer

I love laughing with my brutal Hubby!

XOXO Wifey

P.S. You’re my favorite Hubs!

Rescue Ninja, you rock. Laughing with you has quickly become my new favorite pastime. It’s probably the 17th thing I like about you. xo Jamie.

dear chookins,

a v-day haiku:

land of enchantment

a river of happiness

flows freely through us

I love you,

your chookie-chookins

Duke my rescue dog. My hope is that you will relax and enjoy dog life.

You are my Valentine. You are the best dog ever. Good Boy

Pony – You taught me what it means to be loved. You are my rock, my best friend & my world. I’m yours forever. Kitten

Dear Hunny Bean,

You are the sweetest hunny of my luff. You make me smile everyday. Let’s go make some potatoes, teeheeehee. Kthxbai.

Amanda Panda and Lucy Goosey, I love your guts!!! Daddy will always be there for both of you.

Forever and ever and ever yours,


ADA,I miss you. I hope this was the right decision. I Love you , BME

Mom, everyones got problems but i still love you. i always will. please be nice to everyone. BME

Jeff & Steph!

My Jeffrey…My Friend…My LOVE… My Paradise! Te adoro, Jeffrey. One hand, one heart. Please and thank you!! Forever and a day &1/2!

Thank you, Jeffrey, for loving me and for being the sunshine that brightens my life with love and laughter! I LOVE YOU!!

David-I love the way you play your bass and my heart. Thank you for being my “soul enchilada”. You’re awesome! Your BFF Sarah

Astrid, Thank you for being our family’s best Valentine and making us laugh all the time. I love you! Aunt Sarah

HB-Still love and miss you. 5555555555. gg

A quick note from Baby Girl to her Dinosaur Bear: I love you more 🙂 I can’t wait to spend forever with you.


I can’t summarize our love in 25 words. Just know I want to wake up to those lovely eyes of yours forever.




I love coffee and cigarettes accompanied by your conversation. I love that you appreciate my entire being, as I do yours.


Vibration #55

Kyle, Cedric and Ivy,

You are my family. I love you to the ends of the earth.



Delano and Atalie,

You guys are the greatest. Thank you for everything you’ve done. You are awesome people.


Kyle and Amie

Kyle, Kate, and Max,

You people rock! There’s not enough ways to express our appreciation for you. Thank you.


Kyle and Amie


You are truly our family. Thank you for awesome conversations and dreams. The world is love, opportunity, and greatness.


Amie and Kyle


You inspire us. You’re a badass.



Dearest Ms.Erica- Thanks for everything you’ve done. We love you so much!You are beautiful inside and out. Happy Birth / Valentines Day!Love, Ernesto and Xavier

Trying times we have endured.

The pits of hell ‘round every turn.

But good times, too, we have shared.

Goldschlager bottle sliced through the air.

To my MAN, I love you so! Happy Valentines Day!!! You rock my world! Love your CB

Happy Valentines Day Cowboy. I Love You, Today, Tomorrow and Always. Let’s continue to ride the Sunsets for many years to come! Love, A

Dear Pup,

You are such an incredible person, Hans Solo doesn’t even begin to compare. I hate you with all my heart!



Sugar Bottom, You really just…rev my engine. You don’t even need car keys to drive me crazy.


Your Grease Monkey

Macho Mario!

I love you, I need you, you make me so HOT!!

Thank you for all you do! Come home soon

Love Ronda


I think you are an amazing woman and am happy we met.

I enjoy my time with you.



I want you. I burn for you. I don’t have the words to express the depth of my love for you.

Forever yours,


Babycakes!! Happy Anniversary and thanks for all the fish. I can hardly wait to see what’s next…and I love you

Sweet Ptah – your boyish manner, sparkling eyes, attitude of gratitude, easy smile and manly hug fills my thoughts daily! My heart is yours QS

To my beautiful wife Tommie I love you so much these past

16 years have been amazing .

PS this is your husband Richard lol

To my daughter amber daddy loves you soo much I am

greatfull to have you in my life

To my love Anthony,

I have loved you from the moment i saw you. You have my heart.

Love Maria

“i found it…right under the dl part.” Happy to hear from you always.

RBL, YOU are the biggest pookie butt.

MD! My baby love. Thank you for loving me! Always, Your Chris. xoxo

My Handsome, a love like ours is one unheard of but you and i both know that we belong together. I Love You!

Baby Boi know your my number one man my only man! Never forget how you’ve changed my life and how i plan to change yours!

My Love this is our last valentines day as a couple, because next year we’ll be a family! I know you’ll be an amazing father!!!

Hey Ethix guess what??? Your Baby Girl Orion Loves You!!! WATERMELONS Here’s to another great valentines My One & Only!!! Just the two of us!

Amy Lynn C-H,

My wonderful wife, your love makes my heart sing and soul dance. I love you with all my heart!!

Matt H

Amber eyes. It has now been 75 days since my full lips have tasted your soft kisses. Break this spell. Make “someday” someday soon. Hmm.

My Treasure,

I deeply regret each time I fail you. Know that I love you and I am always looking for ways to show it!

De awesome, My favorite memories are of the warmth of you leaning against my arm. I just want to hold your hand.

xoxo Peggy

Audra, You make me laugh often and endure life. You make my world a better place. I love your work, conscience, character, morality, humanity and sacrifice. I love you.

Dear Beaaron (Babybear), I can’t believe how lucky I am to be your one and only! Love you forever and a day! xoxoxo Mommie Bear

Hi stinky! Can Juan & juana meet later ? Thanks for everything you do for us! You & me forever baby.

BP, you are my heaven, you are my light, your that thing thats shining when theres nothing bright in my life.



roses are red

violets are blue

the saints spanked your a**

but i still love you:)

-new orleans

I lick my lips & breathe in deep, inhaling the musky scent from your skin…You are my haven, my lover..I love you J, Georgia

Deirdre, you’ve been the best thing to happen to me, our love is beyond words.. Thank you for everything you do for me! Ily! -sugar

To Dennis: Happy Valentine’s Day! You’ve always made them special, but this one is the best- since you gifted me by making me your wife

Emily: Love you Snickerdoodle! Hope you have a great Valentine’s day! Love, Mommy

1st Class Learning Center Kids: Ms.Shay loves you and wishes you Happy Valentine’s Day! (and since you can’t read this, hope your parents read it!)

Lin, my luciouslyloverly love! You are fantabulosity in female form! You are gloriousliciousness and sumpremeosowondelightful beyond imagining! Sensualiberaterrifical and synapticallifranticorgasmatronic! Words do you no justice!

To Jill, my fox of life. I love you beyond measure and I hope that our life together is forever!

My deliciousness I love you with all my heart, thank you for being you:)Happy Valentine’s Day kh


I know I’m not perfect but my heart will always belong to you. I love you baby. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love Always,



You are my endless love, my fairytale, a dream!, my sanctuary…my everything. You are truly beautiful.

I love you,


My darling John,

I’ll let you be in my dream if I can be in yours. I got a taste of paradise…

love always, JenniferO

Ms. Lickins, your wiley manner is most welcome with me, wishing and wanting to woo you, winsome woman with wanton waves of love. Surlee Temple

your amazing and im incredibly lucky, I love every poke! every rawr and every kiss I get from you. Happy Valentines Day my dear Muah!

Nicole my love, will you be mine forever? Meet me under the covers at 9 tonight! -ssp

Mi Yessi, tu eres mas bella. Tambien yo gusta la coche de blanca mucho. Mi Yessi te llamo, mas mucho, mi yessi

DD: I love you for the last year of lemon drops, corgis, Vegas and laughter. I’m so lucky. Xoxo, DM

Lucy, Loki, and baby to be, I love you and wish for this love to spread outward and beyond to all who need love. Jason

Dino, Our newly found love is truely a happieness that we needed. The future growth we experience together will give our love eteral existence. Me

To the brave warriors of the Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front- we love you and stand in solidarity. Burn it down.

May love transcend the collapse of civilization, for love is what keeps Earth beating, with or without the presence of the human species.

Mi amiga pelo-roja, mi yessi, yo estreno el tiemp que pasamos comiendo lonche, hablando, u mirandonos a los ojos.

Mi almond joy, yo estrano nuestue tiempo, bien pasado por coors. Yo estrano tus cantos apurados de eminem.

From your Queen of Hearts,you know I am the “One”.Our destiny is written in the heavens above,my Love. Yours Always S.L.H.-Jas.

Mi yessi, todo el tiempo que me aquerdo de te pelo rojo mi cerebro se puede con las memorias de nuestro tiempo en los volcanos.

Smoochyface McDooglepants, You are my dreamy Dreamgirl, my sunny Sungirl, the Boys and I love creating a Life with You. Be our Valentine!

Dear Doreeniegirl,

I’m now a Republican. Haha.

I’ve grown 6 inches. Haha.

I’ve converted to Christianity. Haha.

I do love and miss you. Aha.


I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you! Nicole

To. CA


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Love Notes

Love Notes

Love Notes

Love Notes

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