Making Sausage

Marisa Demarco
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As promised, here’s a list of bills that passed the House and Senate. Click on the links to read them for yourself. (To look at all the measures that were in play during the regular session, click here.)


HB 2: The General Appropriations Act of 2010

HB 8: Development Training Funds

HB 12: Health Insurer Service Reimbursement

HB 15: Create Eastern New Mexico Water Utility Authority

HB 16: Retirement Beneficiary Deselection Option

HB 21: School Priority for Certain Students

HB 24: Educational Opportunity for Military Children

HB 25: Online and Phone Driver’s License Renewal

HB 26: Medical-Assistance Home Program Osteopathy

HB 30: Capital Outlay Gross Receipts Restrictions

HB 37: Military Discount for Hunting Licenses

HB 38: Public Project Revolving Loan Fund Projects

HB 44: Health Education Required for Graduation

HB 53: Financial Literacy as School Math Requirement

HB 56: NMFA Water Fund Projects

HB 63: HIV Testing for Certain Crimes

HB 64: School Equalization Distribution Date Change

HB 68: Public School Capital Outlay Omnibus Bill

HB 69: Reporting of Cohort Graduation Data

HB 70: Educational Data System

HB 71: Mentorship Requirements for Level 1 Teachers

HB 74: Charter School Oversight for 1 Year

HB 79: Tobacco Settlement Fund Distribution

HB 80: Mining Emergency Notice Appeals

HB 81: Petroleum Storage Tank Definition Changes

HB 90: Native American Schools Dual Credit Program

HB 93: Certain Auto Dealer Acts as Unlawful

HB 101: Nuclear Workers Assistance Fund

HB 108: Drinking Water System Financing

HB 109: Human Services Dept. Contractor Procedures

HB 113: Aquatic Invasive Species Control

HB 114: Postpone Fire Protection Fund Distribution

HB 116: Game and Fish Licenses for Military on Leave

HB 120: Tax Withholding Changes

HB 127: Qualified Minors on Precinct Boards

HB 131: Consumer Reporting Info Removal for ID Theft

HB 144: Unemployment Contribution Schedule

HB 145: Qualified School Construction Bonds

HB 150: Hispanic Education Act

HB 162: Severance Bonds for Tribal Infrastructure

HB 165: Whistleblower Protection Act

HB 171: Transport of Dairy Waste for Gas Tax Credit

HB 181: Public Utility Definitions & Cost Recovery

HB 197: Severance Fund Investment in Renewable Energy

HB 198: Voting System Maintenance & Storage

HB 201: Add Diseases to Tests for Newborns

HB 203: Business Retention Gross Tax & Gaming Tax

HB 204: Transportation Services Definitions

HB 205: Mortgage Foreclosure Consultant Fraud

HB 207: Interlock Fund Eligibility

HB 208: Oil & Gas Tax to Reclamation Fund

HB 216: Medical Insurance Pool High-Risk Programs

HB 217: No Abuse in Resident or Care Provider Homes

HB 227: School Board Finance & Audit Committees

HB 229: Establish Metro Court in Certain Counties

HB 230: Dyslexic Student Intervention

HB 231: Disclosure of Educational Pension Amounts

HB 232: Standardized School Finance Reporting Dates

HB 233: No Solar Panels as Property Tax Improvements

HB 237: Government Restructuring Task Force

HB 239: No Educational Retirement Benefit Adjustments

HB 247: LFC Oversight of Certain Federal Funds

HB 261: Solar & Wind Energy Equipment Gross Receipts

HB 264: Indian Law Institute for Legislators

HB 266: Unexpanded Funds for NM Recovery Fund

HB 269: Utility Right-of-Way Access Fees


SB 1: School Athlete Head Injury Safety Protocols

SB 2: Domestic violence “Household Member” defined.

SB 6: Create Additional Judgeships

SB 9: Space Flight Informed Consent Act

SB 12: HIV At-Risk Individual Partner Services

SB 18: Changes to State Investment Bodies

SB 26: Create NM Domestic Violence Commission

SB 28: State Contractor Contribution Disclosure

SB 32: DWI Chemical Test Fee Increase

SB 40: Concealed Guns in Restaurants

SB 41: Notice to Land Grants of Nearby Surveys

SB 47: Economic Development Tax Incentive Changes

SB 55: Missing Person & Amber Alert Info and Training

SB 58: Certain Auto Dealer Acts as Unlawful

SB 59: Extend Gas Tax Sharing Agreement Terms

SB 60: Hazardous Duty Officers’ Employee Relations

SB 66: Economic Development Revolving Fund Projects

SB 70: Continuing Care Community Consumer Protection

SB 77: State Agency Credit Card Processing Fees

SB 78: Alternative School Curricular Plans

SB 84: New School Sustainability Features

SB 85: School Leadership Institute

SB 87: Delay School Year and Day Length Changes

SB 91: Delay Educational Retirement Contributions

SB 94: Land Grant Tort Liability Coverage

SB 95: Las Cruces Tax Increment Project Bonds

SB 96: Whistleblower Protection Act

SB 97: School District Budget Flexibility

SB 100: Fire Protection Grants as Volunteer Stipends

SB 107: Indian Arts and Crafts Crime Consistencies

SB 111: Additional Teacher Evaluation Standards

SB 120: NMFA Securities Requirements

SB 129: Continue Military and Vets Affairs Committee

SB 132: Hispanic Education Act

SB 134: Military Veteran Lottery Scholarships

SB 137: Alternative Driver’s License Renewal

SB 138: Limit Appraisal Management Company Fees

SB 144: Affordable Housing Tax Credit Use and Vouchers

SB 148: No Use of Gender for Health Insurance Rating

SB 152: College Student Lists to Credit Companies

SB 156: Human Services Dept. Contractor Compensation

SB 162: County Gross Receipts for County Projects

SB 165: Delay School Athletics Equity Act

SB 167: Add Domestic Abuse to Missing Persons Info

SB 182: Capital Outlay Reversions for Solvency

SB 186: Natural Heritage Conservation Act

SB 190: Public Utility Definitions & Cost Recovery

SB 193: Fishing License for Certain Military Members

SB 195: Sunshine Portal Transparency Act

SB 200: Public Building Energy Efficiency Standards

SB 201: Electric Generating Facility Gross Receipts

SB 207: Public Employees Returning to Work

SB 209: Disabled-Accessible Parking Changes

SB 216: Repeal “Guilty But Mentally Ill” Plea

SB 226: Magistrate Courts Operations Fund and Fees

SB 234: County Hospital Cross Receipts Purposes

SB 254: Consideration of Crime Conviction for Jobs

SB 264: Interim Disabilities Concerns Subcommittee

SB 279: Colonias Infrastructure Act and Fund
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