Meatless Wonders

Hosho McCreesh
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Meatless Wonders
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Best Vegetarian Restaurant

Ayurvedic dining at its finest, Annapurna easily takes Best Vegetarian Restaurant for 2014. Of course Burque’s vegetarians already know how great the food is. But for the uninitiated, why not dip your toes in with a yogi bowl, an ABLT (a BLT with avocado and veggie bacon) or by building a terrific pizza (hint: veggie bacon, red onion, green chile, cheddar and provolone!). Your body is a temple, and doing right by your temple has never tasted so good! They even offer cooking classes.

Thai Vegan

Best Vegan Food

Bring an appetite for crisp veggies, luscious Asian herb profiles and the desire to dine in both balance and harmony—because Thai Vegan is your favorite vegan food once again. From starters (like the freshy rolls) and drinks (iced green tea) to entrées (spicy eggplant with tofu)—it’s hard to go wrong. And for anyone worried about getting full on veggies alone—the fresh and generous portions won’t leave you wanting.

Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Café

Best Veggie Burger

Level the podium and posterize the photo finish—Burque’s best veggie burger is a three-way dead heat. That means vegetarians (and even traditional burger lovers looking to branch out) have plenty of hearty and healthy options to choose from. Add in the fact that two of our three winners have multiple locations citywide, and you almost can’t swing a dead chickpea or black bean without hitting one of this year’s tasty winners.

Best Vegan Dessert

Most sumptuous desserts bedevil the eater with remorse after they’re consumed. But when it’s one of Thai Vegan’s desserts, they’re both good and good for you. Banana chocolate chip rolls? Yes please! When considering all the calories and carbs you’ll avoid, you may even be tempted to get two.

Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Café

Best Vegetarian Chile

Something of a dark horse in the No Bones About It category, Mannies scores a surprise victory with a vegetarian red chile that’s both hot and smoky, and a green that is saucy and smooth. With cold weather ahead, we can think of no finer way to start a chilly, hungover autumn morning than steaming hot coffee and a heaping bowl of something smothered in this Burque favorite. Panza lleno, corazón contento!

2) El Pinto Restaurant & Cantina

Best Vegan “Meat”

Burque bows with palms pressed together as Thai Vegan continues her impressive run in the No Bones About It category. Creatively combining flavors and sauces with clever prep technique, your “Meat” winner delivers soy-based protein replacements that even the most stubborn palates can absolutely relish. That they do both your body and the world good is just gravy.

Best Restaurant For Vegetarians And Carnivores To Coexist

The human search for peace and harmony is ever-present, and rarely can each be had for so little. Our 2014 winner, the ubiquitous Thai Vegan, closes out the No Bones category by uniting eaters of all stripes simply by doing one thing: making extraordinarily yummy food. So gather your friends, check your preferences and prejudices at the door, and let the flavor—not the politics of proteins—be the judge.

Flying Star Café
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