Megan Sikkink

Christie Chisholm
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Our very own Alibi staffer Megan Sikkink came to our fair city this past January in hopes of finding a place where she could work legally. That is, she came back to the states after a stint in Australia (where she didn't have a work visa) and decided to land in Albuquerque. Anyhoo, lucky for us, she's here now—and perfectly legal.

But Sikkink's first few weeks in the city weren't exactly pleasant. “When [my boyfriend and I] came here we were broke, sick and had no idea where anything was. We both caught bronchitis and had no insurance; we didn't even know how to get to the grocery store.”

Lucky for them, they found a few ways to get around in a city with virtually no money, no sense of place and some rather inflamed bronchi.

“We found an income-based health care center that would treat you at a reasonable cost, even if you don't have insurance. We went to the Rio Rancho Family Health Center (1424 Deborah SE, 896-0928) and paid only about $30 each, including a one-time setup fee.

“Then to make some extra money, my boyfriend would donate plasma at Bio-Save Resources of Albuquerque, Inc. (701 Second Street SW).”

Now that Sikkink is back on her feet, she's had time to check out some of Albuquerque's more luxurious offerings.

“My favorite place to get organic fruits and vegetables is the Sunflower Market (10701 Coors NW). It's a ways out there, but I'd drive all the way across town to get to it. The guy who started it used to work at Wild Oats; but it's not a chain, it's the only one.”

For newcomers who are trying to get involved in the city and meet people, Sikkink suggests hanging out on Central in Nob Hill and Downtown.

“I've met so many people just walking up and down that street; I see the same shop owners' faces every day. … People make you feel welcome here. It's just important to take time and enjoy the scenery.”

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