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With so many great culinary choices available in the Duke City, it is a wonder that not all Albuquerqueans are fat—or fatter. Since I rarely eat at home (due to code violations I have yet to straighten out with the city), I have a unique opportunity to seek out some of our lesser known eateries. Here is a short list of eating “success-a-pees” (recipes for success!).

Big Earl's Tattoo-B-Q

Finally, you can get that tribal armband and a half-rack at the same time. Their waitstaff/artists tattoo you at the table, and still have time to keep your iced tea filled. Might I suggest the Chinese symbol and Tattoo-B-Q spare ribs combo platter?

Swaying Palms Seafood

This South Valley spot used to be a popular lotion parlor, but due to a certain local investigative newsman, it had to close and reopen as a restaurant. Ask for the Happy Endings Chowder, the specialty of the house.

Dave's Tazery

Former Sheriff and Head Chef Dave has found a unique way of preparing meat—tazering! Sure, it may take 7 to 12 hours to tazer you up a flank steak, but I’ll be damned if you’ll find better tazered meat anywhere in the state!

You Guessed It!

When you are feeling adventurous, head to Nob Hill for this high-class “guess-traunt.” They serve you mounds of mystery foods served three ways- deep fried, pan blackened, or smothered in country gravy. Then, you guess what you ate! Every correct answer shaves 10 percent off your bill!

Nothing But Organ Meats!

I don’t need to tell you it’s Albuquerque’s fastest growing “organ-ic” eatery!

Go check out these great local eateries, and tell them “Gwyneth Doland sent me!” to get a complimentary well drink with each dinner purchase!

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