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Classical Guitar, Model Number M-1

August March
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Classical Guitar, model number M-1
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Everybody told you how rewarding learning classical guitar could be. Nobody told you how much the gear costs. But it’s true; having an excellent musical instrument to practice your craft upon requires an investment. Since new players are going to have to dole out some plata no matter what, why not start at the top and get a great guitar that you can keep and cherish for the next 50 years? At Pimentel and Sons, expert, local luthiers craft some of the best instruments known to humankind. The brand itself is legendary and the variety of products that Pimentel makes ranges from student models to hardcore professional versions of la guitarra that include turquoise inlay and exotic wood construction.

Local Music Recordings

There is so much music being made in El Burque, that it is practically impossible to find and listen to it all. But that doesn’t mean listeners shouldn’t try to do exactly that; in fact we totally encourage our readers to follow the link above in order to seek, find and buy local music for use in the holiday gift-giving ritual. Whether you download or prefer to buy a hard copy (which sometimes comes with cool art, packaging and other groovy merch) Bandcamp is a great place to start. Recent diggable Duke City records include works by Chicharra, Crystal Stasis and Lindy Vision; for more recommendations, check out our weekly installment of Sonic Reducer!

Handcrafted Native American Flutes By High Spirit

Handcrafted Native American Flutes by High Spirit
Apple Mountain Music features a wonderful selection of folk instruments for beginners and experts—everything from penny whistles and ocharinas, to autoharps and ukuleles. With such a wide selection of musical merchandise, as well as lessons available to back-up your holiday gift purchase, Apple Mountain Music has some of the best regionally made and highly crafted instruments available here in Albuquerque. Our choice this year comes from a wide selection of traditional, wooden flutes made by crafters based in Arizona.
Handcrafted Native American Flutes by High Spirit

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