My Sexiest Experience Ever Was ...

My Sexiest Experience Ever Was ...

Julian Wolf
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My sexiest experience ever was ...
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While reviewing the results from the Alibi‘s first sex survey, I was delighted to see that many of our neighbors play very well with others. Within the confines of relationships and randomness of delightful happenstance, friends are hooking up with friends, couples with couples and sometimes just inviting others to watch. In addition to these delightful tromps into the land of non-monogamy, my heart was warmed by the dozens of contributions that gush about partners, husbands, wives and every combination therein.

This person’s sexiest experience … was "Just a great night of sex. My wife wanted to have it everywhere in the house, and she wanted it hard, too. We both climaxed with the blinds open to the city lights of Albuquerque. It was mind-blowing."

And we love that the city lights were involved. Albuquerque is full of great views, and I’d like to personally thank the above couple for contributing to them.

This person’s experience with her husband … "Had nothing to do with the three-somes, the crazy sex positions, the toys, or the porn. It was truly having sex with my true love/husband (OMG, I sound totally lame, but it’s totally true)."

And that certainly isn’t lame, it’s something to be celebrated! While we celebrate their love (that has much in common with our other respondents as it also involves three-somes, crazy sex positions, toys and porn) let’s ogle some juicy statistics and quotes from our hundreds of contributors.

"Threesome" filled in the "My sexiest experience was…" blank thirty-three times (sometimes with some very colorful elaboration), "foursome" appeared four times, "two" followed by "plus" twenty-five times and "group" six times. "Public" made fifteen appearances, with explanations varying from self satisfaction to "letting truckers watch." On the note of exhibitionism and voyeurism, "Watch" or "watching" came up almost twenty times, spicing up even mundane acts into the sexiest of the year.

In a lovely combination of group sex and watching, this Albuquerquian was … "Watching my partner have sex with a friend of mine while I was having sex with his girlfriend and then having sex with his girlfriend and my partner right afterward."

Proving that sometimes sharing is caring. For those of you who like to share or are interested in opening up, check out our web-exclusive content on that very subject.

Many still pine over their exes, or at least the sex with them, as that came up around sixteen times. We even have some contributions where the sexiest experience didn’t involve sex—at least not in the literal sense. Here is one of the more detailed examples:

"At a kink play-party, I was the bottom for a scene involving a violet wand (electricity). I got so into the feel of the various implements (claws, mylar, Wartenburg Wheel) on my skin and the intensity of the pain growing and ebbing away until I could barely stand it, that I went into a trance of sorts and the pain turned into nothing but pleasure. It created such a deep connection with my top, it was bizarre, and beautiful, and sexy."

Several in our anonymous survey chose to reply with witticisms such as "wouldn’t you like to know?" Well, if you would like to read the rest of the fun, sometimes fetishistic and sometimes touching details for yourself then you are invited to see the
complete results—all thirty-five pages of them.

Educator, wordsmith and performer Julian Wolf is an active participant in the alternative scene in the Southwest and beyond.

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