National Acts Reducer

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The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash himself gave these guys his blessing. They've played shows with Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson and Billy Joe Shaver, and sound like a cross between Steve Earle and Old 97's, so I can't even tell you how lucky you are to have the chance to see authentic country-western tonight at El Rey. (JCC)

Between the Buried and Me

North Carolinian metalcore manufacturers Between the Buried and Me have toured with bands like Bleeding Through, Converge and Darkest Hour on their way to establishing a cultish following of devoted underground metalheads. Between the Buried and Me will play the Sunshine Theatre. (SM)

The Black Dahlia Murder

The Black Dahlia Murder's latest release prompted's Adrien Begrand to declare, “Miasma is without a doubt one of the most intense American metal albums of the year!” BDM will serve up a heaping helping of their death/dark metal stew at the Sunshine Theatre. (SM)

Cephalic Carnage

It's pretty easy for closed-minded jerks to dismiss death metal because, well, a good amount of it is pretty hard to listen to. However, Denver's Cephalic Carnage is creative, talented, unusual and definitely worth a listen. So while Albuquerque death metal fans will be so pumped they'll crap their pants tonight, naysayers should try to embrace the doom as well. (JCC)

DJ Irene

Those who yearn for their good ol' raver days—or just need to dance—are in luck tonight as the “Global House Diva” DJ Irene brings the feel of a West Coast club to the Southwest's OPM and celebrates the release of her new CD with Fall Crawl attendees. (JCC)

Into the Moat

Metal Blade Records recording artists Into the Moat will show the Duke City why this Florida fivesome has gained a reputation for putting on a superb, technically stunning live show. ITM's latest critically acclaimed release, The Design, has given the band a reputation for being innovators in the death-metal genre. They will tear up the Sunshine Theatre. (SM)

The Gossip

Originally from Arkansas, these recently relocated pop-punkers set up shop in Olympia, Wash., and signed with Kill Rock Stars Records. Since then, they've toured with bands like The White Stripes and Sleater-Kinney while gaining recognition from magazines like Out for advocating gay and lesbian rights. The Gossip will light up the Launchpad. (SM)


Back in 2000, I stayed at the Redfield house in Tempe, and I have to say that they were wonderful hosts. More importantly, on that same trip the band totally rocked my pants off at a Vietnamese restaurant. For intense action-rock, and a comfortable couch to sleep on, I recommend Redfield. (JCC)

We Are Wolves

Because Canada's music scene is figuratively hot right now, Fall Crawlers will get a warm and delicious Francophone-laden, electro-clash treat tonight when Montreal's We Are Wolves, or Nous Sommes Loups, synthesize a dance party at the Launchpad. Tabernac! (JCC)

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