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Lomas Between San Mateo And Girard

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White Horse (Tina Larkin)
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Thrill your lady love with frilly lingerie and soft robes from this charming boutique. If her dresser drawers are already overflowing with silky undergarments, opt for some fragrant lotions or tasteful accessories instead. Most of the bras and panties sold here are from French clothing lines, and while that may not mean anything to you, chances are it will to her.

Wright's Indian Art

Distinctly Southwestern gifts are a perennial hit with the out-of-town relatives, and Wright’s is a great place to find them. This shop has been around for more than 100 years—and with good reason. It offers a large selection of traditional and contemporary handmade art from pueblos around the Four Corners area. The masks and glass pottery are especially interesting and put a unique spin on traditional Native American art.

Model Pharmacy

Model Pharmacy prides itself in offering fragrances no one else carries. If you’re lucky enough to have friends with naturally nice-smelling bodies, any of the watches, antique razors, hair accessories or jewelry would make a superior gift. Of course, there’s always a gift certificate to the diner, which adjoins the pharmacy, for people who love old-fashioned soda fountains. There’s nothing like a Model Pharmacy milkshake.

White Horse

White Horse Tina Larkin
White Horse’s innards Tina Larkin
The chilly holiday season makes some people crave warm, snow-free climates. If your wallet won’t allow you to escape to some far-off land, you can at least visit White Horse. Belly dancing attire, sarongs, Middle Eastern jewelry and plenty of interesting beads–you’ll swear you landed in Egypt or Saudi Arabia.

Red Square

Whoever said you can’t go wrong with flowers never met someone with pollen allergies. Fortunately, there’s one thing you really can’t go wrong with and that’s chocolate. At Red Square, Russian chocolate is the specialty but you can also find delicious treats from all over Eastern Europe. If you’re faced with buying gifts for a non-chocolate lover, you can buy the poor soul a box of tea to keep them toasty over the holidays.

White Horse’s innards

Tina Larkin

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