New Mexico Pursuit Key

That’s “Answers” For You Morons Out There.

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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1.) What is New Mexico’s population, rounded up to the nearest million? 2 million

2.) In the fifth-largest, yet most sparsely populated state, what percentage of the landmass is public? 45 percent

3.) New Mexico shares a border with old Mexico, but can you name the five states with which we share a border? Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas

4.) What is the ruthless moniker of the New Mexico’s state fish–a type of trout? Cutthroat trout

5.) The official state insect is an even crueler wasp. What is it? The tarantula hawk lays a single egg in the body of a spider. The larvae gradually suck the spiders dry until they are full-grown wasps.

6.) What is our state’s boring-by-peak-standards high point (hint–it’s in the Carson National Forest)? Wheeler Peak

7.) Ancient Pueblo, or Anasazi culture–which emerged in approximately 1200 B.C., and declined around 1200 A.D.–was behind the creation of what stunning and mystifying Northwest New Mexico site? Chaco Canyon

8.) Which conquistador was the first to explore New Mexico a century before pilgrims made their way to New England, propelling other Spanish explorers to the area with stories of "Seven Cities of Gold"? Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca led the first expedition to the area in 1532. Coronado arrived 8 years later. According to the state website, "Some historians believe that the golden glow of adobe pueblos, their mica-inflected clay inflamed by the setting sun, created an optical illusion that spawned the belief that such a place existed."

9.) The ancient trading route that became known as El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro in the 16th century was a 2,000 mile royal road stretching to Santa Fe and New Spain from what city? Mexico City

10.) Which controversial conquistador was responsible for the first Spanish settlement in New Mexico in 1598? Oñate

11.) During the 17th century, the pueblo people reacted to religious and cultural oppression by the Spanish with what historical event? The Pueblo Revolt of 1680

12.) When in the 18th century was El Bosque de doña Luisa established as Villa de Albuquerque? 1706

13.) New Mexico became a state in 1912, making it the _____th state. 47th

14.) The state song is "__ ___ New Mexico," while the our city’s song should be Jim Glasser’s nasally 1985 hit, "__ ___ of Albuquerque." "O Fair New Mexico" and "The Lights of Albuquerque"

15.) With sightings in San Juan, Taos, Colfax and other counties, what hairy hominoid is the state’s unofficial cryptid? The yeti

16.) In 1947, an alien craft or a top-secret balloon crashed on a ranch near Roswell. Which was it? There is no correct answer (but, duhr, it was an alien craft).

17.) The production of potash is counted as a major industry in the state. What the hell is potash? In New Mexico natural potash–potassium hydroxide–is mined. Potash can also be produced by burning trees and boiling their ashes. It is used to produce glass, soap and as a fertilizer.

18.) Before Truth or Consequences took its name from a game show in 1950, what was the spa town originally called? Hot Springs

19.) U.S. Route 666, or "The Devil’s Highway," is now known by what non-evil digits? U.S. Route 491

20.) Everyone knows New Mexico is the "Land of Enchantment," but beside this and "The Land of the Delight Makers," what are some other state nicknames (feel free to come up with your own!)? The Cactus State, The Spanish State, The Sunshine States (on our license plates before 1941), The Land of Opportunity and The Land of the Heart’s Desire.

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