No Bones About It: Vegetarian

Best Tofu

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No Bones About It
Best Tofu: Fei’s Health Café (Lindsay Holmes)
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While there are still some out there who have yet to be converted to Team Tofu, there are plenty of us who have, and we know a perfectly done piece of tofu is a magical thing. At Fei’s, everything is vegan, so tofu isn’t the poor stepsister of meat dishes; it’s frikkin’ Cinderella. (EAH)

2) Tie:
Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Café, Siam Café

3) Tie:
20 Carrots, Azuma Sushi and Teppan, Chow’s Asian Bistro, Flying Star Café, Viet Taste

Best Veggie Burger

At most places, veggie burgers are an afterthought, with healthy toppings accompanied by a salad. Please. O’Niell’s knows you avoid beef but still need your daily ration of cheese, French fries and grilled onions. That’s why you can get any of its burgers (right down to the “black and bleu” and “St. Patty melt”) with a veggie patty. Feeling dangerous? Try a “garden burger in paradise” with bacon. We won’t judge. (EAH)

Flying Star Café

20 Carrots

Best Grilled Cheese

You don’t have to be 6 years old or a vegetarian to appreciate a good grilled cheese. Anyone can make one, but it takes dedication to make a great one. Flying Star knows the formula: Take fresh bread slathered in butter and grill until golden, add the best cheese (preferably sharp) and melt to perfection. And you’re hooked. (EAH)

2) Tie:
Blackbird Buvette, Frontier, O’Niell’s Pub

3) Tie:
66 Diner, Baggin’s Gourmet Sandwiches, Gecko’s Bar and Tapas

Best Vegetarian Menu

Best Vegetarian Menu: Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Café Sergio Salvador
The word “Annapurna” in Sanskrit means “complete food,” and you couldn’t agree more. Though we like our fried food plenty, Burque is also a health-conscious town, and Annapurna is one place that helps us pay attention to not only how food tastes, but how it fuels our body. Luckily, it does both well. In addition to Indian favorites, it offers dishes from lasagna to shepherd’s pie. The menu may not have meat, but it’s not missing a thing. (EAH)

2) Tie:
20 Carrots, Fei’s Health Café

Richard’s Mexican Restaurant

Best Vegetarian Menu: Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Café

Sergio Salvador

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