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Rini Grammer
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Vigil’s Beef Jerky (Eric Williams Photography)
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Gamer’s Anonymous offers a huge range of new and used games and consoles for all ages. First off, they sell RetroN; and for all you soon-to-be nerds who aren’t aware, this is an incredible console that gives users the ability to play old, vintage games from a variety of other consoles like Nintendo Entertainment System and the Super NES. The newest RetroN— RetroN 5—even has an HDMI connection available. You can grab RetroN 5 here for about $140. If you want to relive your earlier years, or share some nostalgic time with your favorite kiddos, We recommend getting a Playstation 1 which runs for just $20. Games also run super cheap here, starting at just under $2.

Vigil’s Beef Jerky Eric Williams Photography
If your person of interest is more keen on food and snacking (hello!) stop by Vigil’s Jerky on Second Street (or if you’re super desperate, Vigil Jerky can be found in most convenience stores). Alongside the U-Haul renting center, the Vigil family produces a huge variety of wonderful, tasty, high quality beef jerky. If you’re saying, “Jerky is jerky, right? How different can this really be from Flimsy Tims?” Clearly you haven’t had a wide variety of this appetizing snack. It’s crispy, flavorful and a healthy alternative to chips and the like. Depending on the size of the product you intend to buy, the Vigil’s goods cost anywhere from $4 to $36.

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