Now Accepting Nominations For Best Of Burque 2020

Once Again, Back Is The Incredible!

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Now accepting nominations for Best of Burque 2020
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As it ushers in daffodils, gale force winds and that funny feeling that makes you want to tear all your clothes off and run through the greening meadows, Spring also heralds the return of the mighty Best of Burque Reader’s Choice Ballot! This year the rules are a little different. During the nomination phase, March 4 through 25, readers, wannabe readers and those who don’t even know how to read can vote for their favorites in any category up to ONCE each day. During the voting phase, April 1 through 29, our ad hoc electoral commission has commanded that each voter gets but ONE BALLOT to cast. You know, like a democracy! So, to reiterate, nominate early and often, but VOTE once. Let the games begin!
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