Old Town: Mati, The Candy Lady, Hispaniae, Old Town Hat Shop & Accessory Boutique

Rio Grande Between Lomas And Mountain

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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Old Town
Hispaniae (Eric Williams)
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This is where you go for the serious blang-blang. (Ahem, fine jewelry.) Mati’s inviting corner shop on the plaza is not only the most pleasant of the local jewelry giant’s three Albuquerque locations, but this store also has the best deals. In a twinkling sea of top-notch personal adornments lie several cases of 40-percent-off merchandise and one that’s—gasp—75 percent off. That means the $2,000 cocktail ring I tried on is only $500! Bargains aside, in addition to Mati’s beautiful, unique pieces, they also do custom work, engraving and repairs.

The Candy Lady

No trip to Old Town is complete without visiting The Candy Lady. For more than 30 years the little adobe shop near Rio Grande and Mountain has been in the business of confectionery wizardry, making custom cakes, caramels, molded chocolate, brittle, licorice, hard candy, truffles, fudge—anything you can imagine existing in the sweets dimension. Whether you require a dozen chocolate-covered strawberries or a four-tiered cake covered in little penises (did I mention the adult novelties room?), your sugary needs will be met here.


Shoppers might feel as though they’ve stepped through a magical portal to Mexico upon entering Hispaniae. Found within the brightly hued Latin American import store are four rooms containing santos, ceramics, jewelry, Christmas decorations, masks, mirrors, books, Day of the Dead items, Frida Kahlo objects, knicks and knacks.

Old Town Hat Shop & Accessory Boutique

I call for a return of the hat. And not the lackadaisical baseball cap or beanie—real ladies’ and gentlemen’s hats. For far too long, Western civilization has neglected heads. Now the time has come for a headwear revolution. Hats for all! Supply yourself with tools of the movement this Christmas at Old Town Hat Shop. A variety of handsome hat styles for both genders, some of which are made on-site, can be found here in abundance at fair prices. In addition, the shop offers jewelry, shawls and many other fine accessories. Enter this hat shop but a mere citizen. Leave it a soldier of this millinery coup d’état!
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