Online Election Guide

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Online Election Guide
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Good to Know

Print-n-save endorsements (the short version)

Last-minute voting info

Alibi Endorsements

More cash means fewer Council clunkers

Mayor—Richard Romero

D1—Ken Sanchez (unopposed incumbent)

D3—Isaac Benton

D5—Michael Cadigan

D7—No one

D7—Don Harris

Also on the Ballot

Propositions decoded


Quarter-cent transportation tax

The Debate

Live-blog and video from the throwdown we hosted along with other local indie and public media outlets: KNME, KUNM and the New Mexico Independent

News Articles

The candidates on sex, drugs and rock

R.J. Berry interview and extras

Martin Chavez interview and extras

Richard Romero interview and extras

Write-in candidates:
Donna Rowe (mayor) and David Green (D7)

Candidate Questionnaires:

In their own words: Read what hopeful politicians have to say for themselves.

Richard Romero, Martin Chavez, Richard (R.J.) Berry and write-in candidate Donna Rowe.

District 1:
Ken Sanchez

District 3:
Isaac Benton and Alan Armijo

District 5:
Michael Cadigan and Dan Lewis

District 7:
David Green and Mike Cook

District 9:
Don Harris and David Barbour

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