You Probably Love To Have Them Because You Pretty Much Have To Love Them

Peter Karlsen
1 min read
(Eric Williams)
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It was recently pointed out to me that it’s kinda weird to have a bunch of animals living in your house that’s otherwise designed to keep them out (hi, dad!). Especially with all the indoor defecation and leaving dirt, mud, dander and bits of stray leaves all over the couch that they’re specifically not supposed to be on. But holy-jeez, what’s the alternative? A life of solitude? Giving in to your family’s not so subtle suggestions that it’s about freakin’ time to procreate? Of course not! The only alternative is to suck it up, get out the roll of paper towels or vacuum, clean that mess up and toss your dog a Charlee Bear treat for waiting in her dog bed like a good girl.

As such, dear reader, enjoy the following pages which highlight adventures in pet choosing, outdoor wild pet attracting, homeless pet helping and blind pet learning from-ing.
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