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The Alibi'S Inaugural Photo Contest

Steven Robert Allen
2 min read
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Our first annual photography competition didn't work out quite the way we'd expected. Unlike most Alibi contests of the past, we didn't receive a towering pile of entries. I'll take partial responsibility for this. Two of the categories—Tantrums and Blackmail—were a little bit obscure, and the truth is we didn't get any publishable entries for either of these. Our second disappointment is that we didn't receive a single nude picture of Don Schrader, which has left many of us, particularly Alibi Editor Michael Henningsen, both mystified and depressed.

Thankfully, many of the photographs we did receive were stellar. We got plenty of fine entries in the “Albuquerque, Love It or Leave It,” “Mama Nature in New Mexico” and “Local Celebrities” categories.

Camera & Darkroom (3225 Central NE, 255-1133) sponsored this inaugural contest, generously donating a $25 gift certificate to each of our winners. Next time you're shopping for photo gizmos, stop by Camera & Darkroom to browse through their wide-ranging selection of high-quality equipment, books and other photographic paraphernalia. Winners will also receive $100 worth of gift certificates to the Monte Vista Fire Station (3201 Central NE, 255-2424), one of Nob Hill's finest eateries, along with one of those ultra-trendy Alibi T-shirts all the kids are talking about.

This contest is going to be sticking around for a while, so start snapping photos for next year. I promise the categories will be less esoteric.


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