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The Alibi 'S Fourth Annual Photography Contest

Steven Robert Allen
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Aaron Marie Beien: “I took this shot cuz it reminded me of the trailer I grew up in during my teens in Catoosa, Okla.”
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From beat-up cars to inappropriate costumes to what looked to us like possible criminal behavior (we’ve already notified the FBI), we saw a little bit of just about everything among this year’s voluminous entries. To narrow it down, we sweated, we swore, we fought each other tooth and nail. Eventually, we reached some kind of consensus, however tense and grudging. The result is on these pages, with many more available for your viewing pleasure at alibi.com.

Our deepest gratitude goes to this year’s sponsors.
Camera & Darkroom (3225 Central NE, 255-1133) is one of the best places in our region of the country for new and used photo equipment along with expert advise on how to use it; The Outpost Performance Space (210 Yale SE, 268-0044) brings totally original top-tier programming to our city every week; Sushi Gen (5210 San Mateo NE, 830-0131) is the Northeast Heights’ raw fish super-source; and the Calico Café (6855 Fourth Street NW, 890-9150) is one of the tastiest places to find a home-cooked meal in the North Valley.

Thanks also to this year’s panel of judges, which in addition to myself included Christie Chisholm, Laura Marrich, Marisa Demarco, Tom Nayder, Paul Sessa, Jeff Drew and Jessica Cassyle Carr.

Congrats to all the victors and honorable mentions. To get your prizes, or to lodge a complaint because we didn’t include a picture of your new kitten, please call me at 346-0660 ext. 251.

Anton Lo took this photo in a men’s toilet in Shanghai

Albuquerque: Choose between four fabulous flavors, or collect them all. Photo by Amanda A. Morgan.

“Copper” by Yuruani Chacon

“Hold Up in Nob Hill” by Kay Dawson

“Dune Antler” by Jim Gale

Steve Tumolo: “This is the old Burger King on the corner of Central and Atrisco before many of the Burger Kings in the town collapsed. The phot was taken not long after September 11, 2001.”

“Family Education in the Gila” by Sandra H. Clough

“Flying Over the Rio Grande” by Joseph Campbell

“Hand-colored Reflection” by Sandra H. Clough

“Holiday Bowl Car” by Sandra H. Clough

Kate McMartin took this rockstar/alien shot of her friend Jonathan.

Marc Guiterrez shot this picture of a Rapid Ride bus at the corner of San Mateo and Central.

“Naturally Erotic” by Marc Gutierrez

“Mentiroso” by John Salazar (manipulate digital photo)

This car’s gonna kill yer mama. Photo by Donald Peterson.

“Saharan Crossroads” by Javid Kamali

“Sandia Snow Branches” by Jim Gale

“Taos Pueblo Cemetary” by Javid Kamali

“Tuba” by Jim Gale

Second Place“Valle Caldera” by John Salazar, who will receive a $40 gift certificate to the Calico Café along with two passes to the Outpost Performance Space.

First Place“Bus vs. Umbrella” by David Cooper Salamon (shot on Central). Salamon will receive a $50 gift certificate to Camera & Darkroom along with a $40 gift certificate to Sushi Gen.

Kate McMartin took this photo of her grandma’s piano. She burned the negative before printing.

“White Chair on Pink Brick, Old Town, 2006” by Kathy Dee Saville

“Alternative Classifieds” by an unknown photographer who was inspired by an ad in the Alibi that read: “I’ll be your sexy kitten in lingerie and heels!”

Jeffrey R. Howard took this Dia de los Muertos photo in Puebla, Mexico.

“Dreams of the Past” by Richard Prosapio, a photo of the movie set for Into the West .

“Officer ... They’re Not Mine” by Marc Gutierrez

Third PlaceDevon Castillo: “One of many abandoned graveyards in Albuquerque. I find it a bit scary when even the symbols of protection start to fall apart.” Castillo will receive a $40 gift certificate to the Calico Café along with two passes to the Outpost Performance Space.

Photo by Jessyca Brown

“Morning Glorys, Corrales Bosque, N.M.” by Jeffrey R. Howard

“Stripped Mall, Shopping in Calle Alameda, Guanajuato, Mexico” by David Cooper Salamon

Mary Beth Jiron took this photo of her son Brian last summer in their backyard.

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