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Best Korean

So you’re short on personal food orgasms, eh? Let me tell you a little secret and don’t you go telling my boss or my priest or my waitress Suzi. Damn, that #2 soup at Korean BBQ is a liaison dangereuse for me and my food libido! Duck Mandu Kuk doesn’t sound like a knockout, but trust me, there’s something about the #2 soup that never fails to perk up the neurons down under.

I always start with a cup of barley tea to steady myself and then dip right into the #2 soup—a bowl of clear broth filled with Korean dumplings, mushrooms and succulent slices of rice cake. It’s the slices of rice cake that do it to me, if you wanna know the truth. They’re wet and smooth and slip down my throat like a naughty French kiss, leaving me randy and warm. I sit in the red vinyl booth and wonder if anyone has noticed I’m blushing.

Best Dessert

Pucker up, sweetheart, and then tease your way into chocolate heaven! The two-layer lemon bittersweet chocolate tart periodically on the Graze dessert menu is the most perfect embodiment of good vs. evil, light vs. dark that I’ve found yet in Q-town.

Sitting on my left shoulder, the hoochie in a Juicy Couture tube dress says “Go for the thick chocolate ganache layer, girl, give it up!” While the Sandia Prep virgin on my right says “Eh hem, shouldn’t you start with the lemon curd layer first?”

Sweet or sour? Guilt or confession? Lucky for me, I’m Catholic and so I dive right in with a fat forkful of both and figure I’ll just ‘fess up in the morning.

Best Delicatessen

Mother Mary, you have not truly lived in Albuquerque until you have experienced the new Relish cheese shop and deli on Menaul. Try the Cubano sandwich if you like it hot, or the Ploughman’s lunch if you prefer a more civilized European cheese lunch. In any event, be sure to sneak a peek at the newest chef-hottie in town, Johnny Orr and call ahead if you’re in a hurry.

If it’s not busy and you’re feeling particularly single, just ask Johnny about the merits of a bloomy brie. You’re guaranteed a sparkle in those baby blues of his and a long, passionate discourse on cheese that’s bound to leave at least one of you very, very creamy.

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