(Feb. 19-March 20) Imaginative, Sensitive, Intuitive

Kyra Gurney
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Pisces seldom need an excuse to languish in the tub. A sign closely tied to fish, they find solace in water and will be delighted by these sapphire-colored bath salts and sea horse-, star-, duck- and moon-shaped bath beads. Just don’t expect them to leave the suds anytime soon; Pisces will linger in the water well after their toes become pruney.

Yume No Yume Incense, $7.95

If your Pisces friend enjoys meditation and quiet contemplation, they will appreciate these fruity-, floral- and marine-scented incense sticks. One whiff and your Pisces pal will be drifting off into far-away dream worlds. While vast, purple oceans filled with mermaids seem like mere fantasy to you, your Pisces friend will swear they’ve been there.

Devendra Banhart And Jana Hunter Record, $17.99

Listening to tunes is one of Pisces’ favorite ways to spend an evening. They prefer mellow music like Devendra Banhart and Jana Hunter’s unique and folksy songs to loud, fast beats. With names such as "Rejoicing In The Hands Of The Golden Empress" and "That Dragon is My Husband," the songs on this record are sure to appeal to Pisces’ imaginative side. Other great picks for this sign include Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel and Feist.

Röhrig-Tarot Tarot Card Set, $25

Even if he’s not really a gypsy, at least one Pisces you know undoubtedly professes some psychic ability. This tarot deck will aid him in his predictions and possibly benefit you in the long run. If he starts giving you cryptic messages about golden pentacles and colorful pieces of paper, get over to the nearest gas station pronto and buy a lottery ticket.

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