Politics: Finding Your Public Servants And Harass Them

Public Servants And The Most Direct Ways To Harass Them

John Bear
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Politics as usual
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Here they are, your beneficent elected officials. Call them often and tell them what a great job they are doing. They love to hear from their constituents.

Mayor Richard Berry

Office of the Mayor

PO Box 1293

Albuquerque, N.M. 87103

Phone: 768-3000. Fax: 768-3019


City Council

Find your councilor with this link:

District 1 (Westside south)

Ken Sanchez: kensanchez@cabq.gov, 768-3183

District 2 (North Valley)

Debbie O’Malley: domalley@cabq.gov, 768-3159

District 3 (Downtown and UNM)

Isaac Benton: ibenton@cabq.gov, 768-3186

District 4: (Far Northeast Heights)

Brad Winter: bwinter@cabq.gov, 768-3101

District 5: (Westside north)

Dan Lewis: danlewis@cabq.gov, 768-3189

District 6: (Nob Hill and the International District)

Rey Garduño: reygarduno@cabq.gov, 768-3152

District 7: (Northeast Heights and Uptown)

Michael Cook: mcook@cabq.gov, 768-3136

District 8: (Sandia Foothills)

Trudy Jones: trudyjones@cabq.gov, 768-3106

District 9: (Southeast Heights)

Don Harris: dharris@cabq.gov, 768-3123

New Mexico Legislature

The site
nmlegis.gov has a politician finder so you can figure out who to call when your civil rights have been violated or you just need someone to yell at. It also has tools to find different pieces of legislation and committees.

Bernalillo County Commission

There is no better place to find crazy people than at a County Commission meeting. I’ve covered city, and I’ve covered county, and the crazies are always at county. Trust me, we can smell our own. The Commission meets at One Civic Plaza NW on the 10
th floor.

District 1 (West Mesa and North Valley)

Alan Armijo: agonzales@bernco.gov, 468-7185

District 2 (South Valley)

Art De La Cruz: dherrera@bernco.gov, 468-7448

District 3 (Central Albuquerque)

Maggie Hart Stebbins: wobrien@bernco.gov, 468-7108

District 4 (Far North Albuquerque)

Michael Wiener: ddady@bernco.gov, 468-7010

District 5 (Sandia Foothills and East Mountains)

Michael Brasher: rdoucette@bernco.gov, 468-7212

United States Senators and Congressmen

Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D)

Phone: (202) 224-5521. Fax: 202-224-2852


Sen. Tom Udall (D)

Phone: (202) 224-6621. Fax: (202) 228-3261


Rep. Martin Heinrich (CD-1, Albuquerque and Central N.M.)

Phone: (202) 225-6316. Fax: (202) 225-4975


Rep. Harry Teague (CD-2, Southern N.M.)

Phone: (202) 225-2365. Fax: (202) 225-9599


Rep. Ben Ray Lujan (CD-3, Santa Fe and Northern N.M.)

Phone: (202) 225-6190. Fax: (202) 226-1528


Gov. Bill Richardson

The Office of the Governor

490 Old Santa Fe Trail, room 400

Santa Fe, N.M. 87501

(505) 476-2200

Political Parties

Democratic Party of New Mexico

1301 San Pedro NE


Republican Party of New Mexico

5150-A San Francisco NE


Green Party of New Mexico

P.O. Box 22485

Santa Fe, N.M. 87502

(505) 473-3621,

Libertarian Party New Mexico

918 Ivory SE

Rio Rancho, N.M. 87124

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