Prized Sources

Christie Chisholm
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Exercise your right to free information with these websites, dedicated to supporting freedom of the press.

First Amendment Center

Devoted to research, news and analyses of First Amendment issues.

Reporters Without Borders

Defends imprisoned and persecuted journalists, gives financial aid to members of the press who need medical care, lawyers and equipment, and fights to improve the safety of journalists.

Committee to Protect Journalists

A more than 20-year-old nonprofit that works to defend the rights of journalists by revealing abuses around the globe.

Did You Know ...

• 24 journalists have been killed so far in 2007

• 108 journalists have been killed in Iraq since March 2003

• 72.8 percent of the journalists who have died on the job since 1992 were murdered

• 134 journalists have been imprisoned since Dec. 1, 2006

• 243 journalists have been forced into exile since July 2001

Source: Committee to Protect Journalists,

Journalists In Exile

( A special report from the Committee to Protect Journalists, )

A Statistical Profile

July 2001-June 2007

Total who went into exile in this period: 243

Total currently in exile: 209

Total who have returned from exile: 34

Main Reasons for Going into Exile

Threat of violence or death: 94

Likelihood of imprisonment: 76

Harassment: 73

The 10 Countries that Have Forced the Most Journalists into Exile

Zimbabwe: 48

Ethiopia: 48

Eritrea: 34

Colombia: 17

Uzbekistan: 16

Haiti: 14

Afghanistan/Liberia: 10

Rwanda: 9

The Gambia: 6

Iran: 5

Major Host Countries for Exiled Journalists

United States: 72

United Kingdom: 24

Kenya: 21

Canada: 20

Southern Africa (South Africa, Botswana, Zambia): 14

Professional Status

Exiled journalists currently in media-related jobs (including academia): 64 (30 percent)

Journalists who returned from exile currently in media-related jobs: 30 (88 percent)
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