Protect Yourself From The Forces Of Darkness

Folksy Old-Time New Mexican Ghost Deterrants

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• All doors facing west should be painted “Virgin Mary blue” to prevent unwanted spirits from entering the house.

• Dead bodies should always be removed through one of the western doors.

• In front of the other doors of the house, it's a good idea to bury bottles of beer lined up in a row. Ghosts apparently won't pass over the buried bottles.

• If someone dies in your house, open all the windows so the spirit can get out.

• Hang bells on the inside of your main door. Ghosts apparently hate the sound of tinkling bells.

• Carry a piece of bread in your pocket when walking at night to serve as an offering to ghosts. If you're lucky, they'll take the bread and leave you alone.

• If you see a ghost, walk around it nine times to make it disappear. If this is impractical, crow like a rooster. If you're lucky, the ghost will flee because it thinks daylight is coming.

• If you suspect a ghost is lurking near your house, it's wise to fire gunshots in each of the cardinal directions (west, north, east and south) to scare it off. We don't recommend doing this in the suburbs.

• It's never wise to slam a door, because you might injure a ghost who will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Source: Cody Polston's Haunted New Mexico: The Ghosts of Albuquerque (Publish America, paper, 16.95)

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