Quiz: Stringed Instrument Match Up

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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Stringed Instrument Match Up
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Perhaps you’ve not heard, but other instruments besides guitars, banjos and mandolins produce sound through the vibration of strings. Below you’ll find 12—see if you can match them (by drawing a line), and figure out how to play air zither.

To determine the identities of these mystery instruments, click the links on each of them below.

Balalaika—Originating in Russia, this was first written about in the 18 th century.

Bouzouki—Lute-like; Greek

Cembalo—Italian; popular in the Renaissance

Erhu—The Chinese violin

Hurdy gurdy—The wheel fiddle; popular in European folk music

Kamancheh—Persian in origin; used widely in Middle Eastern classical music

Kora—Twenty-one-stringed West African harp-lute

Lyre—Common in antiquity; rock band named after it

Oud—Fretless lute predecessor

Rababa—Gained popularity on medieval Islamic trade routes: sometimes called the spike fiddle

Sarod—Commonly played in Northern Indian classical music

Zither—Ancient; common in Hungary, Slovenia, Austria and China
Stringed Instrument Match Up

Click on this image, print it out, and draw lines using a real pencil!

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