Responsible Festivity: How To Get Home Safely

Megan Reneau
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The holidays are here and that means your “new” habitual drinking is, too. You definitely should have fun being a drunkard, but for goodness’ sake, don’t drive if you’ve been drinking. Here’s a compilation of safe ride services in town for you to use after you’ve enjoyed the Holy Spirit(s).

Tavern Taxi is provided by Bernalillo County through Albuquerque Cab Company (for free!) and functions 10pm-2am, every Friday and Saturday. During the holiday season, you can arrange a pick up and drop off service starting as early as 5pm on Thanksgiving Eve, Wednesday, Nov. 25, and New Year’s Eve, Thursday, Dec. 31. You should make a reservation (you don’t have to, it just makes everything easier for everyone) by calling (505) 999-1400, or have a bartender call when you need a ride.

In case you don’t want to leave your car behind,
Albuquerque Street Guardians is a super cool service available any time between 7pm-3am, Tuesday-Saturday. They’ll arrive on a collapsible scooter (riding dirty, amirite?), take you home and then ride off into the night after you (and your car) arrive safely at your destination. Give them a call at (505) 881-7233.

Tipsy Tow is another free service for you to get both you and your car home safely during the holiday season. Call 1-800-222-4357 and ask for Tipsy Tow to get a tow home (but only up to 7 miles).

You can also use the cab companies in town like
Albuquerque Cab Company (505) 883-4888 or Yellow Cab Company (505) 247-8888. My personal favorite is Uber, which you can order online or through an Uber smartphone app (so make sure your phone is charged and/or you have a charger with you when you go out).

The city bus may be unreliable (so I’ve heard) but it always shows up eventually, you just may need to wait awhile. While waiting you’ll sober up and you can reflect on what a drunken fool you are and wallow in your embarrassment OR your feats of the night, accomplished with alcohol-induced courage. The city website has a downloadable map, an iPhone app and an interactive map. There’s a free bus Downtown that goes from Third Street/Lomas to Third Street/Silver to Fifth Street/Silver to Fifth Street/Lomas and around again with several stops in between each corner for your convenience.

If you’re not interested in bars or parties or you just want to avoid the holiday madness in general, don’t be disappointed! We have plenty of delicious food and drink recipes listed in this issue to get you inebriated that can be modified for your personal tastes and budget. The most important thing is for you to be safe, happy and surrounded by people you care about during this time of year.
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