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Hosho McCreesh
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Best Desserts

Cakes and cookies and pies—oh my! Seven Flying Star locations in Burque proper keep diners well appointed with consistent, quality treats, and perennially land them in the running (if not out-and-out winning) in your Best of Burque desserts. You know them, you love them, and they’ve won your votes once more.

ChocolateDude / 66 Diner

Best Chocolates

Careful as you enter, as you may well be run down by a pack of slathering kids (or Oompa Loompas) gone mad in a world of pure imagination! ChocolateDude tops the BoBR charts this year as Burque’s own Willy Wonka, churning out shelves and stacks and blocks and sacks of choco-heaven. Try some chupacabra.

Theobroma Chocolatier

Chocolate Cartel

Best Doughnuts

Rebel, Rebel … how could they know? Hot tramp—you love them so! Is there anything they can’t slap on a doughnut and make it work? Bacon? Check. Deconstructed Snickers bar? Check. “Breaking Bad”-inspired “Blue Meth” rock candy? Chick-a-dee-check. Get there early for the best selection. Your crammed-full doughnut hole will thick-a-dee-thank you.

Duke City Donuts

Donut Mart

Best Cupcakes

Seasonal cupcakes. That’s right, I said seasonal. With a reported 35 to choose from throughout the year, and flavors like red velvet, German chocolate, an Oreo baked right into a cupcake and the lightest buttercream frostings this side of paradise, Cake Fetish has clearly won your hearts and minds with its sumptuous and lovingly crafted treats. Sit for a couple with a friend, and take a few home for later.

Best Cookies

There always seems to be room on the tray for one of Flying Star’s cookies, so it’s no surprise to find them tops again this year. No matter the make and model, all are baked to perfection and packed with chewy, gooey goodness. We like to add a cold glass of milk—as one rarely tastes better.

Rude Boy Cookies

Golden Crown Panaderia

Best European Bakery

Your favorite one-stop shop for baked deliciousness both sweet and savory—and your favorite European bakery for 2014. You can’t go wrong with their baguettes, their pumpernickel is especially light and hearty without being heavy, and it would be a crime if you forgot to take some subtly lemon-tastic cannoli home.

Le Paris French Bakery

Best Frozen Desserts

Step right up, pick your poison from the yogurt wall—then cover it with fresh fruit, nuts, sweets and sauces—as much or as little as you’d like. Keep it simple (vanilla custard with strawberries and a dusting of oreos), or shoot for the works (chocoholic peanut butter waffle cone chip with Reese’s and chocolate sprinkles). The cultures are certified live and active so your tummy will thank you … and it’s so sweet and creamy that your tummy will—um—double-thank you.

Pop Fizz

Frost Gelato

Best Milkshakes

Call it a tradition: 66 Diner has done it again—ever vigilant as they deliver early rock-n-roll Americana and generous milkshakes (and malts!) the old-fashioned way. Build your own with ice cream and add-ins, check the board for their rotating shake of the month, or simply choose from one of their many menu favorites. Just remember to stir that tin before refill—BoBR’s favorite milkshakes are thick!

Route 66 Malt Shop

Owl Café

Bobr: The Sweet Stuff

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