(Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Jovial, Inquisitive, Daring

Simon McCormack
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Sagittarians are an inquisitive bunch by nature. Driven by a quest for knowledge, they develop an insatiable appetite for the written word. Though they frequently look to the realm of philosophy and science for answers, they stand to benefit from metaphysical exploration. Masaru Emoto’s book Love Thyself: The Message from Water III is filled with microscopic photographs of water droplets that have been exposed to words with either positive or negative connotations. Emoto has one foot in the scientific community and one in the spiritually searching realm, much like Sagittarians themselves.

All-In-One Travel Comfort Kit By Plane Comfort, $34.95

Since they’re typically turned off by the familiar, travel to exotic locales is the norm for Sagittarius. The "All-in-One Travel Comfort Kit" comes with everything the frequent traveler needs to ensure they arrive at their destination rested. The kit comes with a microfleece-topped pillowcase, microfleece blanket, inflatable pillow and a nylon carrying case that fits snugly in the overhead compartment. The Sagittarius in your life will be grateful they don’t have to shell out big bucks for a crappy airline pillow and paper-thin blanket.

Adidas Real Madrid Soccer Jersey, $40

Always active in mind and body, Sagittarians require hi-tech athletic gear that’s practical and cool-looking. This Adidas Real Madrid jersey uses Climacool technology to help sport-enthusiasts from overheating. Plus, the jersey is so easy on the eyes, wearing it outside of the soccer stadium is a viable option.

Sportiva Climbing Shoes, $135

Though they can be quite bookish, Sagittarians prefer to be outdoors as much as possible. A kayaking trip, mountain biking trek or a climb to the top of a sky-scraping mountain are all enticing activities for the Sagittarius. These Sportiva climbing shoes will provide the support, grip and light weight needed to tackle the toughest mountain terrain.

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