(Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Secretive, Passionate, Exciting

Devin D. O'Leary
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If you’re looking for a romantic gift, sensual Scorpios are drawn to perfumes with intense musk or floral scents. Perfumes of the Desert have been handmade, hand-mixed and hand-labeled in Albuquerque’s Old Town since 1948. Popular scents include piñon, yucca and purple sage, but Scorpios might appreciate the exotic "Midnight Cereus."

Davinci's Challenge Game, $22.99

Scorpios love games of cunning and strategy. This artistically styled board game combines the best of puzzles and one-on-one strategy games. Players try to assemble simple to complex symbols using the game’s black-and-white shapes while blocking their opponents from doing the same. When shopping for Scorpios, look for a store that that stocks plenty of mind-bending games and puzzles.

New Mexico Mystery Novels, $17.95 To $26.95

Scorpios are born detectives and are perfectly happy when their noses are buried in a good mystery novel. Fortunately, New Mexico has a host of well-known crime novelists. These recent books by Lisa Polisar, Elaine Pinkerton, Tony Hillerman, Steve Brewer, Jonathan Miller, Martha Egan and Charles C. Poling are just a small sampling of the sort of homegrown whodunits your Scorpio might enjoy.

Leather Corset, $127.99Rhinestone Kitty Collar, $32.99

Flirty Lingerie does “99.9 percent” of its business online, but the newly expanded store still manages to feature a staggeringly large selection of lingerie, stockings, body jewelry and other intimate accessories. Lingerie, especially if it’s in the dark and Gothic vein, makes a fine gift for the sexy Scorpio in your life. Often described as a “true femme fatale,” what Scorpio woman wouldn’t covet this leather corset with red frog details? Top it off with a red leather choker as a stocking stuffer.

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