Scotty Mathess

Assistant Grocery Manager, Wild Oats Community Market

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Best Value

Their slice of cheese pizza and a pint of PBR on draft for $3 is a great deal. Plus, it’s close to the house.

Best Bar Food

I like it all, especially the crazy sandwich. It’s always something different and you never know what you’re gonna get but it’s always exciting and vegetarian. I’m not vegetarian but I eat very little meat.

Best Mid-Ride Pit Stop

I go there when I’m riding my bike and pick up a yogurt, banana and bagel. It’s an excellent place to stop when you’re riding up Rio Grande and the people are really nice.

Best Chili Dog

Any of the carts Downtown. The best chili dogs always come form carts. It’s a fact. Just like the best coffee the truck stop coffee that’s been cooking for six hours.

Best Beer Selection

They definitely have the best selection. I went in the other week and I asked for their least best selling beer. It was actually really good. It was a Belgian white, 7 percent alcohol.

Best Hamburger

They’re huge and awesome. I get mine done medium and served with the garlic mayo.

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