Sex Tips From The Alibi Survey

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Sex Tips from the Alibi Survey
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Now that the cat is out of the bag, what are you going to do with the information? Learning about sex can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Self Serve is Albuquerque’s Best Sexy Shop, as voted by Alibi readers, and can offer an alternative to the old-school sex shop. Now that you have some of the intimate details of your fellow Albuquerqueans, you can proceed with confidence and dive into your fantasies head first. Here are some of our tips based on the survey results, but feel free to check us out online for more info at

The data tells us that people are doing it a lot and sometimes with lots of people. Spreading your love is almost universally enjoyed by all so you might want to make sure that love is all that you are spreading. With so many sexually transmitted infections out there, it’s important to know how to talk about sexual health with a new partner and use safe sex supplies accordingly. Sometimes those conversations can be tricky and we dread them, so we don’t do them. Having conversations about sex frequently leads to sex that is more satisfying and a fulfilling relationship. Your number shouldn’t be something that you feel embarrassed about. It’s part of who you are and without those sexual experiences you wouldn’t be the person you are today. If you’re trying to figure out how to have the hard conversations about all the things sex involves you might want to check out our upcoming class “
Getting What you Want in Bed.”Whether you are negotiating with your first or your 151st partner it is often challenging to navigate those delicate conversations. It is possible to build relationships that encourage both you and your partner to have the type of sex and relationship you want to have and generally much better sex is had by all when communication is clear.

The survey also revealed that people like getting it on—with themselves. Self pleasure is natural and healthy, but sometimes we can get stuck in a rut with masturbation. It’s easy to find something you like, such as a certain position or technique, and then only use that every time you masturbate. Changing the time of day, pace, and muscle memory around your solo sessions can have huge positive benefits in your sex life. Sex toys can be a great way to add some variety to masturbation, which can also help you when you’re with a partner. If you know all the different ways you like to touch yourself, it’s easier to pass that valuable info on to your sexy friend.

The Tenga Egg and the
powerbullet are both less expensive than a movie date and can be infinitely more satisfying.

The sex survey reveals that people are having sex before they reach 18. Many schools don’t offer comprehensive sex education, so finding reliable information about your first time can be difficult. It’s a big decision to have sex with someone, that’s why we recommend doing as much research as possible before it happens. You’ll want to look at safer sex methods and birth control options, different types of relationships, communication, and you might also want to know more about your and your partner’s anatomy. If you’re under the age of 18, finding sex-positive resources can be difficult. hosts the answers to the questions you might be afraid to ask (or the questions you’re afraid your kids won’t ask.) Since 1998 these sexual educators have been providing inclusive, comprehensive, and smart sex ed to youth. Check out these Self Serve approved links to other youth sex ed resources. These websites are also great for teens who aren’t having sex, but want to educate themselves in preparation for their future choices.

Sexual Desire is something most of us have in common. Educating yourself can be fun because your homework is trying new things during sex and masturbation, it’s a tough assignment, Albuquerque. But based on survey results we know you’re up for anything.

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