Sexy Body Parts, Turn-Offs And More

Hunter Riley
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Sexy Body Parts, Turn-Offs and More
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Sexiest body part

If Albuquerque were a man, he would be an ass man. Based on the results from the sex survey, it was the highest reported sexiest body part. But don’t worry if you’re wishing you had more junk in the trunk, the second-highest rated sexiest body part were the windows to your soul. The survey results showed that more than two-to-one, people are more turned on by your eyes than your mind. After eyes we see the usual suspects for sexiest body part. Third highest-ranked was lips—probably the ones on your face.

On the bottom end of the spectrum were “hips,” “face” and “chest.” Only 53 people responded to “brains” as being the most attractive part, while 75 said they found “breasts” to be most attractive. Keep it classy, Albuquerque.

Biggest turn-off

The biggest boner killer(s) for survey takers is what comes out of your mouth, specifically bad odors and smoke. Three times as many people find bad breath to be their no. 1 turn-off compared with poor hygiene and arrogance. So make sure you grab a peppermint from the restaurant after chowing down your guacamole and enchiladas. Smoking was the second-biggest turnoff followed by stupidity. The moral of the story, stay away from smokes, read some books, and invest in some mints, and brush and floss on the regular.

The most unusual place you’ve had sex

There’s something undeniably sexy about doing naughty things in places you shouldn’t, according to survey results. The most popular answer for the most unusual place you’ve had sex was a car. The next most popular was a tie between a parking lot (cars again) and a public park—what a surprise! An option with an unusually low amount of responses was getting it on at the libary. I’m sure your boss appreciates that. Keeping with the theme that it’s sexy to do it in places that pose a risk for getting caught: a bathroom, movie theater and a church were also common answers.

Age of your first sexual encounter

College may be a time for exploration, but many of you were getting freaky by junior prom. It turns out the data for losing your virginity is a distinct bell curve, with the most common answer being 16. More people had sex for the first time at 17 and 18 than they did at 14 and 15. For more perspective, the same number of people lost their v-card between 10 and 11 as did people who lost it at 25 years old. All that being said, the idea of virginity is complicated and not everyone defines sex the same. Sex can include manual stimulation, oral sex and anal sex, too. Variety is the spice of life.

Number of sexual partners

One partner is enough for the majority of people who took the survey. The most common answer for number of sexual partners was one. More than twice as many people have had sex with nine or fewer people, than those whose number is 10 and up. The top three most reported answers were one partner, three partners and a tie between 10 and 12 partners. But don’t worry, there were 11 people who reported having sex with 200 people. Now is a good time to remember that fun fact that you sleep with all your partner’s past partners. Just one reason why being tested between partners is a good idea. Sex education is more important than ever because even if you’ve only had sex with one person, that person could have had sex with 200 people.

Hunter Riley is store manager of Albuquerque's sexiest shop, Self Serve. Self Serve is woman-owned and run, education-based, and the sex shop you'll respect in the morning.

Sexy Body Parts, Turn-Offs and More

Sexy Body Parts, Turn-Offs and More

Sexy Body Parts, Turn-Offs and More

Sexy Body Parts, Turn-Offs and More

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