Shop Local (Very Local)

Alibi’s Last Minute Gift Guide

Alibi Staff
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(Eric Williams Photography)
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When it comes right down to it, the laziest thing you could do is shop right from your couch, purchasing all your Christmas presents online and having them shipped directly to friends’ and loved ones’ front porches. But where’s the personal touch in that? Plus, it does nothing for the local economy. Amazon is doing quite well without your holiday help, thank you. Local stores impacted by the Great Recession and reeling from the epic ART construction could really use your dollars—and best of all, that cash will stay right here in our local economy.

Ah, but time grows short. Christmas looms dangerously close on the advent calendar. You can’t run all over town looking for presents now. You certainly don’t want to fight the traffic, the parking lots and the lines at the malls. Not to worry.
Alibi is here to help. Our eagle-eyed staff has combed the metro area, hunting up some great local shops just ripe for the gift giving. Pick your area of town, and you don’t even have to leave your neighborhood. Now that’s what you call a Christmas present.
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