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“The Daily Show With Jon Stewart”--Indecision 2004 Dvd, $29.99

Simon McCormack
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This (admittedly trendy) item is the best way to remember the tragedy that was the 2004 Presidential Election. It features 299 minutes of raw, in-your-face “Daily Show” action, including coverage of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, election night coverage and a bunch of other bonus material like audio commentaries, an introduction by Jon Stewart and original segments with the Daily Show's correspondents. It's just what I need to get psyched for '08 when the Democrats will have another enormous tool that I can reluctantly vote for. (Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, anyone?)

Talking Heads Box Set, $149.97

Heads fans (or at least the relatively well-off ones) can now enjoy every studio album ever produced by one of the most influential and original bands on earth. Each of the eight full-length albums has a corresponding DVD with “Advanced Resolution 5.1 Surround Sound,” which, from what I understand, means that this is pretty much the best the Talking Heads have ever sounded. There are a ton of other goodies such as unreleased performance video, bonus audio tracks and B-sides, music videos, photo galleries, and limited-edition art prints. It's all I can do to keep from tearing into the packaging of this “borrowed gift” and thereby greatly upsetting the good folks at Natural Sound.

Steve Nash Reebok Swingman Jersey, $74.99

If Jesus Christ were to be resurrected as an MVP-caliber NBA superstar, I think he'd be a lot like the Phoenix Sun's Steve Nash. He'd be caring, cordial, willing to make sacrifices and always ready to share. What better way to celebrate our Lord and Savior's birth than by enjoying a Steve Nash jersey that's, more-or-less, like the one he wears on the court. Just like the authentic version, the swingman jersey is made of 100-percent polyester. The team logo, name and number are single-stitched, giving it the look and, pretty much, the feel of an authentic jersey for half the price. It's perfect for athletes, or for those who just want to look good while watching them.

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