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Locally Made Glass Pipes

Rini Grammer
2 min read
glass pipe
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It’s no secret that average citizens and medicinal marijuana patients alike enjoy a nice smoke break every now and then—and while you’re taking that break you should indulge on some high-quality, locally made glasswork. We ventured over to Minerva Canna Group to browse their extensive selection and get some pointers to these high-inducing conductors.

At the recommendation of the equipment shop champion Zach, we looked over a few of Dave’s Custom Glasswork, Jewels Glass and our favorite, 505 Glass. The artist behind 505 Glass creates his pipes with borosilicate, which makes glass more resistant to thermal shock (similar to Pyrex). As a glass artist, he can create custom work from small pendents (to wear, that’s not some secret code for anything) to huge water pipes that are all lovely pieces of art. The silhouettes are curvy and smooth, with lines of vibrant colored glass stacked within the pipes. Everything at Minerva runs at a reasonable price and this is no exception—all of the mentioned brands have a variety of items for sale, but the pipes run from $10 to $30 depending on the size.

If you’re an average citizen who just wants to treat yo’self (or someone else) be sure to stop by the Gas Pipe which has two locations in ABQ—8508 Central Ave. SE and 8521 Golf Course Rd., Ste. 100—and browse their wares and equipment as well.
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