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Cbd Gift Basket

Joshua Lee
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Pipe dreams at Up in Smoke (J. Grisham)
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You’ve probably started noticing your friends and family glazing over when you proselytize about CBD. You tell them that there’s evidence that it helps treat pain, inflammation, anxiety and insomnia. They smile and nod, but the lights aren’t on. The truth: They’re bored. Talk is cheap, buddy, and you can’t expect them to just go diving in all willy nilly. CBD is used in all manner of products, and just knowing where to start is a chore in itself. Do you eat it? Do you vape it? Are we all supposed to be experts on the difference between a cream and a salve? It would be way less stressful on everybody if you’d just let the good people at My CBD Shop whip up a sampler basket for your loved one instead of beating their ears all day. The baskets are completely customizable and can include samples of edibles, topicals, drinks, vapes and other products. If you’re in a rush, they have a few premade baskets for bath time, vaping and your pet that are ready to take out the door. Maybe you can stop beating that dead horse and bury the poor thing once and for all.

Dabbing Starter Kit

Wax has changed the game for med consumption. Its high THC percentages will get you where you’re going faster than any other method, and it’s way cheaper in the long run. The only problem is hunting down all the whozits and whatsits needed to get started. You’ll need a dab rig (the dreaded apparatus), a “nail,” a torch and a whole bunch of other gadgets. Looking for all the parts can get expensive and frustrating. The whole thing is confusing, and trying to get recommendations on where exactly to begin is nearly impossible without pen, paper and a good deal of patience. The good news: Someone already took note of the issue and are rushing to help. Once you’ve got the basic rig setup, Everest Apothecary has you covered on all the other fronts. Their silicone dab starter kit comes with peripheral wax paraphernalia like a nectar collector, silicone storage trays and a dab stick, meaning you can leave all the guesswork up to the specialists. It will also save you from buying new shoes when the old ones wear out while you run all over town.


Pipe dreams at Up in Smoke J. Grisham
Sure, it’s an obvious gift, but that’s why it’s a classic. Pipes, bongs, rigs and all the other types of glassware out there are still the cornerstones of a healthy cannabis diet. Everyone loves a new pipe, because they can pretend it’s their first time all over again. Now it might be tempting to be lazy and just get a little corncob pipe or a cheap chillum for your friend, but if you’re really trying to impress them, you’ll need to get a unique, locally-made piece of glass that will delight them with its cleverness and artistry. Finding the perfect pipe could take some shopping, though, so strap in. A good place to start could be Organtica, where a different local artist’s work is featured every month. They have some nicely designed beginner pipes for those who want something cute, but affordable. If you want to take it to another level, head over to Birdland and check out the impressive selection of locally-made glass art that will please any smoker on your list. To really make someone love you, check out the incredible work of Goatboi, featured at Up In Smoke. Many of the pieces come with a hefty price tag, but their delicate craftsmanship makes them priceless.
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