Social Gifting: Find The Right Presents For Your Circles

Amy Dalness
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Find the right presents for your circles

Thanks to social media, we’re more plugged into our friends’ and relatives’ every want, interest, desire, hobby and daily routine than ever before. Whether you love a good Tweet or don’t believe life can be reduced to a series of status updates, social media provides invaluable holiday gift-finding information. Facestalk those on your list, then hit the streets of Albuquerque and support local businesses.

The Intimates

Your innermost circle made up of those nearest and dearest.

One-Of-A-Kind Original By Jeanbird, $35.50

Lovingly handmade by Jeanbird of New Orleans, an inspirational (and cute!) painting will make your sister or spouse chirp with joy. Or is it tweet with joy? Either way, they’ll like it.

La Parada

8917 Fourth Street NW


Brooks Cascadia Trail Shoes, $110

When your sweetie’s status is often a mile count for her morning run (or you just can’t stand how worn her kicks have become), a pair of stylish and well-made Brooks trail shoes is a heartfelt if practical gift.

Heart & Sole Sports

2817 San Mateo NE


Eco Tumbler, $25Loose Leaf Tea, $2-$5/Oz.

While you may not love hearing the up-to-the-minute details of your caffeinated best friend’s life, his incessant updates may give you a clue about how much he loves his morning cup of joe. This double-walled glass ECO Tumbler works for coffee, but it’s designed for tea. Maybe it will help him cut back on the battery acid—and the status updates.

New Mexico Tea Company

1131 Mountain NW #2


The Besties

The social circle that knows everything about you. Seriously—everything.

Tuffy The Tyrannical T-Rex, $33.95

If your best friend’s a dog lover or perhaps is, in fact, a dog, this durable Tuffy canine toy is large and in charge. And pretty darned cute. Just get your smartphone ready once it’s unwrapped, because you’ll want to post the lucky pooch’s reaction on YouTube.

ABQ Dogtown

3845 Rio Grande NW


Double-Sided Bowties, $55 Each

When fashion is your bro’s passion, these handmade bowties are a top pick. Their double-sided design makes them versatile and offers an attractive dual-tone look that’s de rigueur. Plus, they’re locally made!

Izzy Martin Menswear

3019 Central NE


Box Appetit Lunch Box, $23.50

Your foodie friends will appreciate the sleek design of this bento-style lunch box. Noodles, salads and sauces will travel to the office in style and make lunchtime look like a pin-worthy Epicurious photo.

Pfeifer Studio

4022 Rio Grande NW


The Fam

You love ’em, and you can’t deny their friend requests no matter how much you don’t want them to know what you do on Saturday nights.

1960S Life Magazines, $12-$25

Give your family’s history buff a physical piece of yesteryear with a vintage copy of LIFE magazine. He’ll be sure to appreciate a glimpse back to a few unforgettable moments on his real-life timeline.

A Bit of Everything

4000 Central SW


Handmade Cat Jewelry Box, $16

This unique, velvet-lined box created by Raven of Gilded Cage Burlesque will get as many likes from your grandma as those silly cat videos. Probably even more likes.

Sole Art and Antiques

3911 Central NE


Woodstock Jade Chime, $39

If your uncle’s Pinterest board is full of the latest backyard betterment ideas, why not add to his garden paradise? This wind chime features a calming tone with jade accents and is a perfect gift for any patio lover.

Hanayagi The Japanese Garden Shop

2935 Louisiana NE Ste. C


The Playmates

The weekend warriors you seem to be spending a lot of your free time with lately

Cooking With Trader Joe’s, $24.95

Give your favorite book club host a few more entertaining ideas with this deliciously simple cookbook. Every recipe features ingredients you can find at Trader Joe’s, which means one-stop shopping and more time for happy hour.

ScoJo’s Gifts and Cards

8000 Paseo Del Norte NE Ste. C8


Designer Handbag, $24

For your fashionista friend who has it all—or at least acts like she does—snag a designer handbag from Lovelight’s bin o’ bags. One can never have enough handbags.

Lovelight Boutique

147 Harvard SE

Screen-Printed Bicycle Tees, $22.95

These artist-created, handmade T-shirts will make your Friday night bike-to-the-bar gang totally put you in their top 8. Oh, wait—MySpace isn’t a thing anymore. They’ll give your gift a thumbs up.

Routes Rentals & Tours

1102 Mountain NW


The Casuals

Coworkers, old friends from high school, those folks you interact with more online than in real life—your outer circle.

The Dessert Divas Assorted Food Goodies, $3.50-$10

Handmade in Albuquerque, these tasty treats are big on flavor and sass. Nuts, candies, cake mixes and more—the snacks will make a great white elephant gift at the office party or for those out-of-town college friends who still keep in touch.

Kung Fu Cowboy Tea House

3107 Eubank NE Ste. 12


Bananagrams, $15.95

Play Words With Friends in real life! Bananagrams is a fun crossword puzzle-like game that will be an instant hit with all your online social gaming friends. Plus, it will encourage socialization without a screen.

Page One Bookstore

11018 Montgomery NE


Kristin’s Earrings And Pendants, $12-$25

Quirky handmade jewelry by Kristin is perfect to give to your close or casual gal friends. Pick from semi-anatomically correct hearts, steampunk-inspired rockets or crazy-looking birds and many more. Options are as numerous as the faces on your friends list.

66 Pin-Ups

521 Central NW


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