Son Of Cod

Simon McCormack
1 min read
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Late last year, an Eastern Ontario man tried to sell a fish stick on eBay that he claimed had a burn mark that looked just like Jesus. Fred Whan said he burned the fish stick while making dinner for his son and his friends. He kept the fish stick frozen for a year after his son remarked that the burn mark resembled our Lord and Savior.

Whan said he was content to use the fish stick as a conversation piece until he learned that a Florida woman had sold a grilled cheese sandwich with a visage of the Virgin Mary for $28,000 on eBay. The Alibi was unable to determine whether Whan actually succeeded in selling the fish stick.

As for the burn itself, several online commentaries suggested that it looks more like Jeff Daniels than Jesus Christ. Other suggestions for the image's likeness include: Che Guevarra, Jim Morrison and Don MacLean.

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