Suckers For Stucker: An Interview With Our Favorite Weatherman And Results From His Reader Art Challenge

An Interview With Our Favorite Weatherman

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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Suckers for Stucker
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Steve Stucker really needs no introduction. Since 1990, he’s brought jovial morning weather forecasts to New Mexicans via KOB-4. Formerly a professional dog trainer, Stucker is a friend to animals, even parading pooches on TV every Friday in order to help them get adopted. He also likes to dress up, sometimes appearing on air, according to his KOB bio, as “Elvis, Martha Stewart, Richard Simmons, Arnold Sportsnweather (Schwarzenegger), Mother Stucker, Patty O’Furniture or his alter ego Ed Noid.” Stucker is also a motivational speaker who’s highly involved with the community, and he’s been voted Alibi readers’ “Favorite TV Personality” multiple times in our Best of Burque poll. And he’s nice.

In our annual Quiz and Puzzle Issue, we like to include a drawing contest that features a local celebrity. Last year it was
“Draw the Head on the TJ Trout.” Before that it was “Draw the Body on the Dick Knipfing.” This year our contest was “Draw the Weather Around the Steve Stucker.” What follows is a sampling of the artistic flare Alibi readers added to a plain photo of Stucker with his dogs Buster and Tuffy, as well as a few e-mailed insights from the weatherman himself.

What’s your favorite thing about Albuquerque?

The view of the Sandias from my backyard. The city lights from Nine Mile Hill … oops, that’s two things!

What kind of weather would you like to see more of in New Mexico?

June for six months and September for six months every year would be perfect!

Do you have any predictions for 2010?

Yes! I’m fairly certain it will be followed by 2011. Oh, you want a serious answer? Hmmmnnn … I predict 2010 will be predictably unpredictable, including not just the weather, but also the economy and politics.

Have you ever had to cover Punxsutawney Phil?

No, but we "anxiously" watch his live feeds on the network every year.

Do you believe in the groundhog’s ability to predict the weather?

NO … but I am in awe of his ability to bring millions of dollars in economic stimulus to a place people would otherwise never visit at that time of year.

Have you witnessed any distinct changes in local weather patterns over the years?

Albuquerque seems to be getting a bit dryer, but these things go in cycles over 10- to 20-year periods.

What’s the most interesting weather occurrence you’ve witnessed?

Tropical Storm Alberto in Florida while on vacation in June. Also, a massive storm in Albuquerque that left over a foot of hail in my area, ripped out a neighbor’s tree by the roots and wiped out six months of AMAFCA [Albuquerque Metropolitan Arroyo Flood Control Authority] arroyo repair in about 10 minutes!

Anything else we should know about the weather?

We’ve got it good here!

Weather Win Results From Our Steve Stucker Art Challenge

Weather Win

Brian Bakri’s depiction of the chemtrail conspiracy theory wins! Bakri is awarded $50 in gift certificates to Rasoi Indian Kitchen and two free passes to Guild Cinema.

Weather Win

By Barbara Goodmiller, honorable mention

Weather Win

By Megan C.W., honorable mention

Weather Win

By Hoka Skenandore, honorable mention

Weather Win

Weather Win

Weather Win

Weather Win

Weather Win

Weather Win

Weather Win

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