Summer Dining Guide: Drink Up!

Beverages To Keep You Deliciously Hydrated

Eric Castillo
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Drink Up!
Sweet, cool and energizing--Napoli Coffee’s espresso milkshake. (Eric Williams
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If you’re looking for ways to cool off that don’t involve alcohol or dessert, here’s a rundown of some summertime beverages you can find in the Duke City.

Does anything say summer like fresh-squeezed lemonade? Better yet, how about fresh-squeezed lemonade served in a mason jar? That’s what you get at
Limonata Italian Street Food Caffe in Nob Hill. It only gets better if you enjoy it on their picturesque patio, watching cyclists make their way up and down the stretch of Silver. You can opt for an item from their iced coffee menu if you want the caffeine boost.

If you need something with bubbles in it, take a trip down San Mateo to
Tia Betty Blue’s. It’s hard to miss the two-story building with turquoise trim, but the real prize is inside: a refrigerator stocked with a surprisingly large array of specialty sodas. They have everything imaginable, from citrus sodas to fruit flavors like strawberry rhubarb and passion fruit. The more adventurous can try bacon, coffee and peanut butter and jelly sodas. There’s something for everyone, including diet sodas and Mexican Coke.

When it comes to trying to beat the heat,
Boba Tea Company is a safe bet. Not only can you cool off with an icy blend of fruity flavors, but the real surprise is what you find at the bottom of the glass. These include boba, the original chewy tapioca balls, and nunu, with an odd wedge shape and gummy texture. My favorite are the gobi, tiny gelatin capsules that give a satisfying pop and burst of fruit flavor in your mouth.

Little details in life matter to me. So when I noticed the baristas at
Napoli Coffee take the time to add a few iced coffee cubes to their drinks, I took it as a sign that they care about their beverages and their customers. They have an extensive assortment of flavorings showcased by their list of specialty drinks. Try a lucky shamrock (caramel, vanilla, Irish cream) or a tuxedo mocha (spicy dark chocolate, white chocolate). Both are good either iced or blended. Or you can go with my personal favorite, a straightforward concoction of caramel, vanilla, milk and espresso called a carmelito—best served iced. If you want to indulge a little, try the espresso milkshake.

During the school year,
Satellite Coffee and Flying Star locations serve as a meeting spot for study groups and a hideaway for bookworms. But in the summer, the studious make way for a more relaxed atmosphere, and cold drinks come into vogue. The menu has its share of standby iced drinks, chief among them being the super-caffeinated iced vanilla coffee drink—the black velvet. You also can’t go wrong with your choice of homemade lemonade, iced mango tea or the blend of cranberry juice and herbal teas simply known as “red stuff.”

Whichever drink you choose to keep cool with, don’t forget to also stay hydrated with, you know, actual water from time to time.

Limonata Italian Street Food Caffe

3222 Silver SE

Tia Betty Blue’s

1248 San Mateo SE

Boba Tea Company

3339 Central SE

4401 Wyoming NE

8850 Holly NE

Cottonwood Mall

Coronado Center

Napoli Coffee

2839 Carlisle NE

Satellite Coffee/Flying Star


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