Summer Dining: The Alibi Refreshes

Our Annual Summer Dining Guide

Ty Bannerman
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The Alibi Refreshes
Napoli Coffee’s Carmelito is a blast of caramel, vanilla and espresso. (Eric Williams
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Summer. Sweat-dripping, skin-burning, broiling-hot-wind-blowing summer. And even though this July’s monsoons have brought some much needed relief, the higher humidity tends to make our swamp coolers even less efficient than they were already. And once the rain stops, it’s back to stuffy, sweltering reality.

The point is: It’s hot.

I don’t know about you, but I actually find it kind of hard to get into eating in the summer. Frankly, I don’t particularly want to
move between the hours of 2 and 8 p.m. at all, and forget about cooking. The last thing anyone wants is a hot stove fighting against their struggling cooler for supremacy.

That’s why this year, we at the
Alibi decided to make our annual Summer Dining Guide all about refreshment. The kind of dining that actively cools you down, that you don’t mind jumping into a hot car to seek out. Whether you prefer iced espresso, aguas frescas or wheat ale, we’re going to help you find relief from the heat in the most delicious ways possible.
The Alibi Refreshes

The David Hassleheff hefewizen from Broken Bottle Brewery. A wheat beer with an 80s action attitude.

Eric Williams

The Alibi Refreshes

The Bombazo de Mango at La Michoacana frozen treat

The Alibi Refreshes

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