Summer Guide 2016

Peter Karlsen
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Weekly Alibi Summer Guide 2016
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If you’re anything like me, esteemed reader, you probably already have your personal summer guide committed to the cloud for redundancy and accessibility. Plus, you prefer that your software-as-a-service provider of choice spies on you so the ads served to you from across the interwebs have at least some correlation to your interests, as opposed to the shot-in-the-dark of traditional media (except the Alibi, we know exactly what ads you want to see—that psoriasis isn’t going to take care of itself, you know). Unfortunately, your summer guide is super boring: Wake up, go to work, go home, drink a beer, go to bed, wake up, go to work … you get the idea.

So let’s use this as an opportunity to punctuate your regular grind with something interesting. Go to a festival, check out some concerts, ditch the kids for a week, and get some really good ice cream without them. Give yourself something better to talk about with your coworkers than the latest show you didn’t see because you just wait for everything to come out on Netflix so you can binge watch it and are therefore a season behind the rest of the world’s conversations. Who knows, maybe even the ads on the thing in your pocket that does internet stuff will be more interesting, too.
Weekly Alibi Summer Guide 2016

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