Summer Guide 2017: Got Your Summer Bod Ready?

City And County Pools That’ll Float Your Boat

Rene Chavez
5 min read
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In a state where summer temperatures reliably skyrocket into the triple digits, local oases are a necessity to keep everyone from going completely mad. Plus, they’re a fantastic place to keep the sprogs busy for hours. And—let’s be honest—is there anything better than wearing next to nothing and floating in a giant pool of water under the brilliant rays of the sun? I think not. So to make it that much easier to patronize your city- or county- sponsored H20 parks, here is a list of all the swimming pools within easy reach.

*Seasonal pools open Memorial Day weekend.

** Hours change from winter to summer on Memorial Day weekend.

Summer Guide 2017 Sunport*

Recreational swim: Mon-Fri 12:30-5pm, Sat-Sun noon-5pm

Perks: Extra long (40-meter) pool, grassy area

Nearby: Puerto del Sol golf course, Sunport, restaurants

Summer Guide 2017 Wilson*

Recreational swim: Sun-Sat noon-5pm

Perks: Grassy area, benches

Nearby: USS Bullhead Memorial park, restaurants

Summer Guide 2017 Rio Grande*

Recreational swim: Sun-Sat noon-5pm

Perks: Nice grassy area, shade from trees

Nearby: Zoo, aquarium, botanical gardens

Summer Guide 2017 East San Jose*

Recreational swim:Mon-Fri noon-4pm, Sat-Sun noon-5pm

Perks: Very small so you won’t lose your kid

Nearby: East San Jose Park, grocery, restaurants, South Broadway Cultural Center

Summer Guide 2017 Eisenhower*

Recreational swim: Mon-Fri 12:30-5pm, Sat-Sun noon-5pm

Perks: Waterslides, basketball courts

Nearby: Georgia O’Keefe park, El Oso Grande park, Academy Hills park

Summer Guide 2017 Montgomery*

Recreational swim: Sun-Sat noon-5pm

Perks: Waterslide, grassy area

Nearby: Movies 8, shopping, restaurants, Montgomery park

Summer Guide 2017 Sierra Vista*

Recreational swim: Mon-Fri 12:30-5pm, Sat-Sun noon-5pm

Perks: Waterslides

Nearby: Mariposa Basin park, restaurants, Don Newton-Taylor Ranch Community Center

Summer Guide 2017 West Mesa**

Recreational swim: Sun-Sat 12:30-2:30pm, 3-5pm

Perks: Massive, three pools, waterslides, fountains, deep end, diving boards, zero-depth entry, stadium seating, Olympic size

Nearby: Restaurants, shopping, I-40

Summer Guide 2017 Highland**

Recreational swim: Mon-Fri 12:30-4pm, 6-8pm; Sat-Sun 1-5pm

Perks: Diving boards, deep end, solar-powered(!), outdoor wading pool

Nearby: Shopping, restaurants

Summer Guide 2017 Los Altos**

Recreational swim: Mon-Fri 12:30-4pm, 6-8:30pm; Sat-Sun 1-4pm

Perks: Outdoor wading pool

Nearby: Skate park, softball fields, ice cream, shopping, restaurants

Summer Guide 2017 Sandia**

Recreational swim: Mon-Fri 12:30-4:30pm, Fri 6-8pm, Sat-Sun 1-4pm

Perks: Diving boards, recently renovated, solar-powered(!)

Nearby: La Palomita park, shopping, Stardust Skies park

Summer Guide 2017 Valley**

Recreational swim: Mon-Thu 11:30am-4pm, 7:30-8:30pm; Fri 11:30am-4pm, 5-8:30pm; Sat-Sun 1-5pm

Perks: Outdoor wading pool, diving boards, solar-powered(!)

Nearby: Valley park, Matthew Meadows Park, day spa, tennis

Summer Guide 2017 Rio Grande High/Bernalillo County**

Recreational swim: Mon-Fri 5-7:30pm, Sat-Sun noon-4:45pm

Perks: Massive, waterslide, recently renovated

Nearby: Tom Tenorio park, softball fields, restaurants

Summer Guide 2017 Paradise*

Recreational swim: Sat-Sun noon-5pm

Perks: Ample grassy area, baby pool, waterslide, recently renovated

Nearby: Paradise Hills park, Paradise Hills Community Center, restaurants

Summer Guide 2017 Los Padillas*

Recreational swim: Sat-Sun noon-5pm

Perks: Waterslide, fountains, zero-depth entry

Nearby: Soccer field, Los Padillas Community Center, grocery

Summer Guide 2017 South Valley*

Recreational swim: Sun-Sat noon-4:45pm

Perks: Waterslide, baby pool, grassy area, recently renovated

Nearby: Skate park, library, ice cream, baseball fields
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