Superfreak Redux: The Alibi’s 2Nd Annual Sex Survey

It’s Been A Year, What Have You Been Up To Behind Those Closed Doors? Or Perhaps Out In The Back Yard. Or, Well, You Tell Us …

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Superfreak Redux: the AlibiÕs 2nd Annual Sex Survey
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Sex is taboo in most cultures, to keep it dirty. Maybe God made it that way or maybe humans figured it out in the Bronze Age. “Not now. Bronze.”

What fun is sex, though, if it’s as accessible as laundry detergent? Your mother knew dessert came last so it would be special. Some cultures practice arranged marriages in apparent disregard of human rights—which is either barbaric or barbarically sexy. The same could be said of cultures that require vows of holy matrimony before showing someone your pee-pee. And yet there’s your daughter climbing out of a van with a ball gag.

In these troubling times of sex rammed down our throats like laundry commercials, how can we hope to keep it dirty? Don’t worry. We can think up some stains that will never come out. Let’s exchange notes. (As always, your responses will be totally anonymous.)
Voting is open now through Jan. 29! Let the games begin!

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