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Spring Crawl 2007

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Tank tops and flip-flops, the smell of cut grass, and bleary eyes from another bout of debilitating allergies—telltale signs that springtime has returned to Albuquerque and, with it, the all-American pastime that is Spring Crawl.

On Saturday, April 28, the crack of microphone cables and roaring crowds will fill our Duke City streets with the unmistakable sounds of Crawling. A flat-rate wristband ($10 in advance, $15 day-of-show) is all the gear you’ll need for multiple innings of live music in clubs throughout Downtown Albuquerque, including our Third Street Outdoor Stage. We’re suiting up for a memorable night of heavy-hitting performances from more than 80 live acts. Get ready to play Crawl!

Want More Than Peanuts and Cracker Jacks?

You’ll get a lot more than ballpark franks and beer at the Crawl. Downtown visitors are enjoying one of the strongest, most diverse restaurant scenes in the city. Everything from New Mexican cuisine to fine dining and exotic fare are within easy reach of the Crawl venues. Scroll through the "Crawl Chow" capsules in this week’s online Chowtown roundup. You’ll find a listing of every late-night dining establishment in the heart of Downtown, plus many that are just a short walk or drive from all the action.

Wondering How You’ll Ever Get Back?

Designating a dependable, sober driver in your Crawl crew will keep everyone safe and happy. But what if everyone in your party has one too many adult beverages—how do you get home? We know you’re not stupid enough to drive drunk (especially since there’ll be extra police officers on the streets to make sure you’re safe). We suggest you check in to one of the many reasonably priced hotels that Downtown has to offer or call a cab. Some taxi numbers are:

Albuquerque Cab: 883-4888

Checker Cab: 243-7777

Yellow Cab: 247-8888

Giant Cab: 293-4222

Or hop on the JIT. The shuttle/bus
is giving free rides from 10 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. to any home within Albuquerque city limits. You can find the JIT station on Fourth Street between Central and Copper. (You can also thank Club 7—they’re donating this amazing service to the Crawlers!)

Root, Root, Root for the Young Team

You don’t have to be a barfly to Crawl. Even under-21 music lovers can take advantage of Downtown’s thriving music community at our special all-ages Crawl venue. The Sunshine Theater (Central between First and Second Streets) will showcase the immense skills of Albuquerque hip-hop emcees and DJs, plus national headliner Black Sheep. Smoking and alcohol service will be available in segregated areas for those of legal drinking age.

If You Don’t Buy in Advance It’s a Shame

You’ll save time and money by purchasing your Spring Crawl wristbands in advance. They are available for $10 at all Ticketmaster outlets (plus a service fee), Owl Green’s Music (121 Seventh NW, 243-1889) at the UNM-area Mail Station (2118 Central SE, 842-1306), Grandma’s Music and Sound (9310 Coors, 800-444-5252) and through the
Alibi website. Note that you can avoid paying a service fee by purchasing wristbands directly from us. If you enjoy standing in line, day-of-show wristbands cost $15 and will be available at the Alibi Info Booth, Sunshine Theater, Third Street Outdoor Stage and El Rey Theater on the night of the Crawl.

One, Two, Three Steps and You’re in at the Spring Crawl Game

Figuring out which bands are worth your time is easy with this edition of the
Alibi . First, scan the schedule of bands to see who’s playing and where during each time slot. Then scroll down for an alphabetical listing of Spring Crawl 2007 performers. Listings are made up of general information about each musical act, including music genres, where to find them online and other stats. Next, check the nifty Crawl map for clearly marked locations of participating venues, the Info Booth and parking. We’ll be glad to answer any additional questions you might have at our Info Booth. Ready to rock? Good. We’ll see you on the field!

Crawl Bands

Team: The 2Bers

League: Hip-hop, reggae, funk

Website: www.2bers.com

Mascot: Mr. Potato Head

Pre-game Locker Room Ritual: Till the soil.

Grand Slam: Our joint CD release party with Mystic Vision/One Foundation at [the now defunct] Stella Blue. The club was packed beyond capacity with lines stretching a city block on Central.

Crawl Bands

Team: 500

League: Rock

Website: www.myspace.com/500isrock

Uniform: We pull out whatever smells the least offensive in the hamper (or sometimes the most), but we’ve got a fund started to purchase white leather tuxedos and white fedoras.

Fight Song: Anything by Icky and the Yuks

Hall of Fame Nominee: "Lemmy" Kilmister (of Motörhead)

Crawl Bands

Team: Afterpill

League: Progressive, emo, rock

Website: www.myspace.com/afterpill

Lucky Charm: A red cross

Crawl Bands

Team: Anesthesia

League: Hard rock, metal

Website: www.stickysthesia.com

Lucky Charm: Drink tickets

Grand Slams: EdgeFest 10—Sticky got arrested and kicked out for public nudity. Jake was surrounded by state cops for "inciting a riot." N8 got thrown out. In the end, we were kickin’ it with Dimebag for two hours backstage and were onstage for the Damageplan set. Great day.

Crawl Bands

Team: Approaching Andromeda

League: Alternative intrumental melodic ambient climactic semi-electronic rock

Website: www.myspace.com/approchingandromeda

Uniform: Shirts, shoes and sometimes pants

Mascot: The minor 9 chord.

Pre-game Locker Room Ritual: All we can tell you is that it involves a Ouija board, the living dead and some popcorn.

Number of Road Games: The same number Tool has been on … minus the number Tool has been on.

Crawl Bands

Team: August Spies

League: Of our own

Website: www.myspace.com/augustspies

Lucky Charm: Vial of Ian MacKaye’s sweat

Fight Song: "Where’d the Cheese Go?" by Ween

Crawl Bands

Team: The Bellmont

League: Agro dork-rock

Website: www.thebellmontrocks.com

Uniform: Pinstripes, because vertical lines are slimming.

Fight Song: " Tonight We’re Gonna Rock You, Tonight," Spinal Tap

Mascot: Manatee

Crawl Bands

Team: Black Maria

League: Aggressive, mid-tempo sports rock

Website: www.myspace.com/blackmariarocks

Uniform: Black on black with black trim, leave-in conditioner

Lucky Charm: Magic 8-Ball

Mascot: Nick Nolte

Pre-game Locker Room Ritual: Thinking about leaving for the gig, searching for the van keys.

Grand Slam: Your mom’s bedroom rocked.

Albums: Signed with Columbia House, hoping to get our eight CDs for the price of one soon.

Hall of Fame Nominee: Blowfly

Crawl Bands

Team: Burlesque Noir

League: Neo-burlesque

Website: www.burlesquenoir.com

Uniform: Pasties and boyshorts! Sometimes construction barrels and mustaches!

Lucky Charm: The Golden Ass

Home Field: Holly’s house (nicknamed Glitter Base)

Anthem/Fight Song: " My Humps," The Black Eyed Peas

Pre-game Locker Room Ritual: Carefully applying false eyelashes and pasties.

Crawl Bands

Team: Cheops

League: Hip-hop, heavy hitters

Website: myspace.com/cheopsdaman

Uniform: Timberland boots, jeans, fitted cap and a white T-shirt

Mascot: Lion

Hall of Fame Nominee: Ol’ Dirty Bastard

Crawl Bands

Team: The Cherry Tempo

League: Rock, powerpop, indie

Website: www.cherrytempo.com

Lucky Charm: A guitar pedal board of infinite knobs and buttons

Mascot: Huckleberry Finn

Crawl Bands

Team: Concepto Tambor

League: Afro-Latin percussion and voice con huevos

Website: www.conceptotambor.com

Uniform: Thongs and Speedos

Lucky Charm: El tambor

Grand Slam: Spring and Fall Crawl, of course!

Hall of Fame Nominee: Beto, the manager at Launchpad

Crawl Bands

Team: CrazyFool

League: Ska, reggae, soul

Website: www.crazyfoolvibes.com

Uniform: Ghostbuster khaki overalls

Anthem/Fight Song: " The Devil Went Down to Georgia," Charlie Daniels Band (with dueling trombones)

Mascot: Chewbacca in a tuxedo at his junior prom

Grand Slams: Halloween 2005 at the Launchpad with La Junta and Concepto Tambor. Our rhythm section sported Ghostbusters costumes, complete with silly string guns. The horn section was made up as Slimer and the Stay-Puffed Marshmallow Man, complete with slime and marshmallows. We’ve had trouble booking shows there ever since.

Hall of Fame Nominee: Bradley Nowell (of Sublime)

Crawl Bands

Team: Danny Winn and the Earthlings

League: Ska

Website: www.myspace.com/dannywinnandtheearthlings

Uniform: Traditional rudeboy outfit

Fight Song: "It’s Ain’t a Party ’til the Ska Band Plays," Danny Winn and the Earthlings

Lucky Charm: A tacky lamp

Mascot: Earthman Stan

Grand Slam: Opening for Goldfinger and Reel Big Fish

Crawl Bands

Team: DeeJayClout

League: Underground hip-hop

Roster: Me, myself and I

Lucky Charm: My turntables

Grand Slam: Common/Gangstarr show in 2003

Hall of Fame Nominee: Run-DMC, Public Enemy

Crawl Bands

Team: Destructamatron

League: Psychedelic, jazz, metal

Website: myspace.com/destructamatron

Lucky Charm: Gats and helicopters

Home Field: Inside the be-gunned arm of a transformer

Pre-game Locker Room Ritual: Axes and helmets are definitely ingredients.

Crawl Bands

Team: The Dirty Novels

League: League of Extraordinary Lovers (that’d be rock ’n’ roll, baby)

Website: www.thedirtynovels.com

Number of Road Games: 14 tours, undefeated on the road

Uniform: Fancy jackets, tight pants, tight shirts, boots of any kind, tattoos, shaggy hair—makeup and scarves optional

Home Field: The Blackbird Buvette, our van

Fight Song: " It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ’n’ Roll)," AC/DC

Hall of Fame Nominee: T-Rex

Crawl Bands

Team: Disciple of Truth (of the 9.2.5.ers)

League: Hip-hop

Website: myspace.com/bonetownrecords

Uniform: AV8 Clothing Co.

Lucky Charm: A full corona bottle with a lime

Home Field: My studio

Crawl Bands

Team: Element 37

League: Acoustic, reggae, rock

Website: www.freewebs.com/element-37

Lucky Charm: A bubble of blown glass

Hall of Fame Nominee: Ben Harper, G-Love and Special Sauce

Crawl Bands

Team: Feels Like Sunday

League: Alternative, indie, rock

Website: feelslikesunday.net

Home Field: The solar system

Fight Song: "I Don’t Like Mondays," Boomtown Rats

Crawl Bands

Team: Five Minute Sin

League: Hard rock

Website: www.fiveminutesin.com

Uniform: It’s less about the look and more about the smell.

Fight Song: " No Quarter" by Led Zeppelin. We always try and have this tune on during setup.

Grand Slams: Red River Memorial Run 2006. We performed for Gov. Bill Richardson (who left halfway through our first song) and signed numerous biker lady breasts post-show.

Crawl Bands

Team: The Foxx

League: Rock ’n’ roll, pop, glam rock, power pop

Website: www.myspace.com/thefoxx

Roster: Juliet Swango (sparkle), Zac Webb (jazz hands), Ryan Roehl (spirit fingers), Dameon Waggoner (the talent)

Uniform: Is sequin a color?

Lucky Charm: Our lucky charm was stolen.

Fight Song: "The Final Countdown," Europe, closely trailed by "Life is a Highway," Tom Cochrane. Because life is a highway, you know?

Mascot: A giant dollar sign

Pre-game Locker Room Ritual: Furiously powdering our nether-regions

Number of Road Games: At least five, and we get our powdery nether-regions kicked every time.

Crawl Bands

Team: Frostbite

League: Rock

Website: www.frostbitemusic.com

Lucky Charm: Armondo the drummer’s dirty socks

Home Field: Armondo’s house—dirty socks and all!

Fight Song: The "Leave it to Beaver" theme song

Grand Slam: The Musicians Against Violence Benefit show

Crawl Bands

Team: The Gracchi

League: Punk rock and roll

Website: www.myspace.com/thegracchi

Uniform: Knit caps, skintight jeans and press-on nails

Home Field: The front office of the Alibi

Fight Song: Too many to count without taking our shoes off. At the moment, we’ll say "Queen Bitch" by Bowie.

Mascot: The dancing bums that congregate outside our practice space—they’re cranky yet jovial!

Pre-game Locker Room Ritual: Sushi and a spit-shine practice

Number of Road Games: We’re O for O, baby!

Crawl Bands

Team: The Ground Beneath

League: Metal

Website: www.thegroundbeneath.com

Lucky Charm: The Jeep Beneath. We live in it for weeks at a time.

Home Field: The House Beneath

Fight Song: The "South Park" theme song

Mascot: Steve’s wiener dog, Ciabatta. We think he has Down Syndrome.

Crawl Bands

Team: Habeas Corpses

League: Hip-hop

Website: www.myspace.com/habeascorpses505

Roster: Nato Rock, Dynamek, DJ Codebreaka

Uniform: Stylin’

Lucky Charm: A microphone

Home Field: The underground

Crawl Bands

Team: Halcyon

League: Booty Clappin’ Music

Website: www.myspace.com/djhalcyon

Uniform: My tried-and-true hair shirt

Lucky Charm: A bottle of Astroglide

Crawl Bands

Team: The Hollis Wake

League: Indie powerpop

Website: www.theholliswake.com

Roster: Krysty, Sarah, Malcolm, Micah

Uniform: Chunky boots and zombie rags

Home Field: The stretch of freeway between Santa Fe and Albuquerque

Fight Song: "Tired of Waiting," The Hollis Wake

Pre-game Locker Room Ritual: Death matches of Karaoke Revolution

Crawl Bands

Team: Icky and the Yuks

League: Old-school punk

Website: www.myspace.com/ickyandtheyukspunks

Uniform: Catholic schoolgirl

Anthem/Fight Song: People love the "Fat Chicks." We prefer "Fuckaholic."

Mascot: A drunk lead singer who hasn’t left a Downtown bar in more than 15 years, a.k.a. Icky.

Pre-game Locker Room Ritual: Showing Bob how the new song goes.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominee: Mike Bobroff

Crawl Bands

Team: Jenny Gamble Duo

League: Folk-rock, Americana

Lucky Charm : It’s all about the work and support of local music for this trio. No luck needed.

Mascot: Silvery minnow

Crawl Bands

Team: La Junta

League: Anything and nothing at all

Website: www.myspace.com/lajunta

Uniform: Whatever we’re wearing that day topped off with a sombrero

Fight Song: "We Don’t Stop," Michael Franti and Spearhead

Mascot: Cochise the tortoise … lazy and slow, but he gets done what he needs to get done.

Hall of Fame Nominee: Franti and Spearhead, Ben Harper, Cultura Profetica, Britney Spears

Crawl Bands

Team: Le Chat Lunatique

League: Gitano swing, hot jazz

Website: www.lechatlunatique.com

Uniform: Curly waxed mustaches

Lucky Charm: A string from Django Reinhardt’s guitar

Fight Song: " Cri du Chat, " Le Chat Lunatiqu e

A deranged feline

Crawl Bands

Team: Left Brain

League: Crunk-metal dork-prog

Website: www.leftbrainband.com

Uniform: Girl pants, white belts

Home Field: All of us fight … er … practice at our house. It’s tightly packed like a tin can of sardines.

Mascot: A morbidly obese basset hound named Blossom.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominee: Patty and Mildred Hill for the "Happy Birthday Song"

Crawl Bands

Team: Leiahdorus

League: Electronica, new wave

Website: leiahdorus.com

Uniform: Beautiful hair—and clothing, of course

Lucky Charm: Ashes, ashes

Mascot: A paper girl

Crawl Bands

Team: The Lowlights

League: Folk, country, psychedelic

Website: www.myspace.com/thelowlights

Uniform: Bolo ties and brown leather

Mascot: Wood duck, Aix sponsa , is a medium-sized perching duck. A typical adult is about 19 inches in length with an average wingspan of 29 inches.

Pre-game Locker Room Ritual: Venison jerky and whiskey

Crawl Bands

Team: Mantis Fist

League: The underground

Website: www.myspace.com/mantisfist

Lucky Charm: A necklace of broken fangs

Mascot: A fighting and praying mantis

Grand Slam: We played against Sage Francis. He hit the grand slam.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominee: Isaac Brock (of Modest Mouse)

Crawl Bands

Team: Matt Jones Trio

League: Pop, rock

Website: www.therealmattjones.com

Lucky Charm: Pretty much the cereal pieces—the marshmallows hurt our teeth.

Mascot: Poochie the Rocking Dog

Pre-game Locker Room Ritual: Calling someone and telling them to bring the piece of equipment we forgot.

Number of Road Games: Enough to not know where we really live.

Hall of Fame Nominee: Ben Folds, Glen Tilbrook, Jeff Buckley, Toto

Crawl Bands

Team: Marsupious

League: Progressive rock, alternative

Website: www.myspace/marsupious

Uniform: As the singer, I usually like something soft on the skin. Perhaps a silky T-back. (I usually wear it backwards.) It gives me just enough freedom to feel like a man but just enough softness to keep me in touch with my feminine side.

Home Field: We practice at Fox Office Complex (San Mateo and Central). I hang out at the gym a lot. Gotta look good to pull off the uniform, right?

Pre-game Locker Room Ritual: We switch underwear with each other before each show. You really don’t know someone until you’ve sweated an hour in their underoos. It’s our way of bonding.

Hall of Fame Nominee: Weird Al Yankovic

Crawl Bands

Team: Mei Long

League: ’60s-ish pop rocks

Website: www.myspace/meilongacoustic

Uniform: Casual fancy to moderate fashion for those on the rise

Lucky Charm: Lingam

Mascot: Sun Ra covered in cute animal breath

Pre-game Locker Room Ritual: Conjuring souls of cute animals through the magic of hair restoration.

Crawl Bands

Team: Mystic Vision

League: Reggae, hip-hop, R&B

Website: www.mysticvisionmusic.com

Uniform: Big-ass Rastafarian head wraps

Home Field: Tijeras

Fight Song: The almighty word of Jah

Mascot: Zion the Lion

Crawl Bands

Team: The Oktober People

League: Space rock

Website: www.oktoberpeople.com

Roster: Nate, Chris, Rhian and Sean

Uniform: Typical slacker wear

Lucky Charm: High fives and butt slaps

Home Field: Silverchord Studios

Grand Slam: Playing with Mono, Pelican and Bellini

Crawl Bands

Team: Old Man Shattered

League: Rock ’em, sock ’em, knock ’em in the jock ’em

Website: www.myspace.com/oldmanshattered

Roster: Uncle Cumbres, Bizzle, Squirmy Mcdermie, The Token Black Guy

Lucky Charm: Rizzle Bizzle’s (Red Bull)

Mascot: Chuck Norris

Pre-game Locker Room Ritual: It has nothing to do with baby oil!

Hall of Fame Nominee: The Ground Beneath: They have a fan that blows their hair while they play!

Crawl Bands

Team: Outrage

League: The real hip-hop

Website: www.myspace.com/outrageone

Lucky Charm: An Allah medallion my father gave me when I was about 12 years old. It has seemed to keep me out of harms way.

Home Field: As long as there’s a candle lit, I’m comfortable anywhere.

Pre-game Locker Room Ritual: Constantly going over songs in my head.

Hall of Fame Nominee: Big Pun! The greatest MC that ever touched a mic … R.I.P.

Crawl Bands

Team: Pan!c

League: Pop punkyroll

Website: www.myspace.com/rockwithpanic

Uniform: Black and white stripey

Home Field: Sweet, sweet Downtown

Pre-game Locker Room Ritual: Shots of Jameson, red lipstick kisses, ass slaps, huzzah!

Hall of Fame Nominee: Lousy Robot

Crawl Bands

Team: Polaroid Pornography

League: New new wave, lo-fi electro

Website: www.myspace.com/polaroidpornography

Uniform: We’re always wearing something pink … even if you can’t see it.

Lucky Charm: A VHS copy of Porky’s

Mascot: Crystal’s French bulldog, Elliott. He just got his balls chopped off.

Number of Road Games: Our first and only tour to date took us to Amarillo, Texas, to perform at a "Haunted Prom."

Crawl Bands

Team: Rage Against Martin Sheen

League: Pop-punk, comedy

Website: www.rageagainstmartinsheen.com

Uniform: Turbans and overalls, boots with the toe shell missing

Lucky Charm: A toilet

Mascot: Rusty Trombone, the toothless hobo

Pre-game Locker Room Ritual: Hippie bashing

Crawl Bands

Team: Rap

League: People actually having fun

Website: wolfspace.us

Uniform: New York street gangs in 1982 are actually from the future

Lucky Charm: Magical dance lasers that shoot out of our ancestors eyes or mouths so you freak out.

Hall of Fame Nominee: " Ninja Gaiden." And those robots from the music video for "Rockit."

Crawl Bands

Team: The Rip Torn

League: Psychedelic, hip-hop, rock

Website: www.theriptorn.com

Roster: Mateo, Jerome

Uniform: Hoodies

Home Field: The tap room on Second Street

Fight Song: " P.M.A.," Bad Brains

Mascot: Taters ’n’ gravy

Hall of Fame Nominee: Bad Brains

Crawl Bands

Team: The Rudy Boy Experiment

League: Experimental blues-rock

Website: www.myspace.com/therudyboyexp

Home Field: Sonny’s, R.I.P.

Fight Song: "Unreality," The Rudy Boy Experiment

Crawl Bands

Team: The Rum Fits

League: Punk rock

Website: www.therumfits.com

Uniform: Denim and leather, it brought us all together.

Mascot: Bella the Beer Drinking Dog.

Pre-game Locker Room Ritual: Show up late, have a few drinks, smoke some cigarettes, have a couple more drinks, pick a fight, lose, get cut off and dragged on stage.

Grand Slam: We had one hell of a time playing the Spearmint Rhino.

Hall of Fame Nominee: Wesley Willis

Crawl Bands

Team: Saving Shelden

League: Acoustic soulful pop

Website: www.myspace.com/savingshelden

Uniform: Baseball caps, long sleeved T-shirts

Mascot: Shelden, of course

Hall of Fame Nominee: Van Morrison

Crawl Bands

Team: SaintSinnerSunS

League: Underground hip-hop, rockabilly

Uniform: Whatever fits ’cause we so phat

Mascot: Godzilla with a mic

Hall of Fame Nominee: Weird Al

Crawl Bands

Team: Scarless

League: Alt.prog-metal

Website: www.myspace.com/scarlessband

Home Field: Music Go Round

Anthem/Fight Song: "Pet," A Perfect Circle

Pre-game Locker Room Ritual: Habañero Doritos! Pow! Right in the Kisser!

Grand Slams: Spring Crawl 2007! Wait a minute ….

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominee: Soular

Crawl Bands

Team: Sin Serenade

League: Garage Americana

Website: www.sinserenade.com

Roster: Lucky Donohue, Antonia Montoya, Maghan Texas

Uniform: Spurs and high heels

Home Field: Burt’s

Pre-game Locker Room Ritual: Fix the van

Grand Slam: Dollhut, Anaheim, Calif. This show is brought to you by six hours of 120-degree heat and no air conditioner.

Hall of Fame Nominee: Body Count

Crawl Bands

Team: Soular

League: Rock

Website: www.soular.us

Uniform: Chain mail and boxing gloves

Fight Song: "Night Fever," The Bee Gees

Mascot: Starship Enterprise

Pre-game Locker Room Ritual: Standing in a corner and whining about not enough cocktail sauce … chanting "More cowbell!" until we hit the stage.

Hall of Fame Nominee: Tiny Tim, The Turtles

Useful Trivia: We like skydiving, parasailing and yodeling. We are all Libra in our hearts.

Crawl Bands

Team: Speed/Speed One/Crazed Life Crew

League: Hip-hop, good old-fashioned punk

Uniform: Hat, hoodie, baggy jeans, Nikes … you know, the basics.

Lucky Charm: My lady

Home Field: Moonlight Lounge, Sunshine Theater, Launchpad

Fight Song: " MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know," KRS-One

Mascot: Mickey mouse dude that hangs out in front of the Anodyne!

Grand Slam: Hip-hop fest at Sunshine Theater with KRS-One

Hall of Fame Nominee: Icky and the Yuks

Crawl Bands

Team: SuperGiant

League: Rock

Website: www.supergiantrock.com

Uniform: Bone, nerves, flesh, skin and hair

Home Field: Anodyne

Mascot: Antares

Grand Slam: Our CD release show with Beck!

Hall of Fame Nominee: Rage Against the Machine

Crawl Bands

Team: The Surf Lords

League: Surf

Website: www.surflords.com

Roster: Tommy Tom Chism (guitar, vocals, pitcher), Joey Joe Silva (bass guitar, vocals, third base), Mikey Mike Fleming (drums, catcher), Amanda Alton, Jeorge Mercedes and Mica (dancers, outfielders)

Uniform: Loud shirts and bermuda shorts

Lucky Charm: Limbo stick

Mascot: Annette Funicello

Grand Slam: Opening for Dick Dale at the Launchpad.

Hall of Fame Nominee: Link Ray and the Raymen

Crawl Bands

Team: Under The Blood

League: Soulful, melodic edge

Website: www.myspace.com/utbmuzak

Lucky Charm: A beat up SM57 that keeps working no matter how many times it’s been dropped

Home Field: The Hookah Kings

Fight Song: "Muskrat Love," Captain & Tennille

Mascot: Frank the shop dog

Hall of Fame Nominee: Kronic Obsession

Crawl Bands

Team: The Unemploid

League: Punk, paranoid right-wing hate rock

Website: www.myspace.com/theunemploid

Uniform: Filthy Carhartts

Lucky Charm: Sacred dream catcher

Home Field: Bleeding Eardrum, in front of the Circle K, at the bus stop

Mascot: Pink Slip Tuscadero

Pre-game Locker Room Ritual: Pickin’ boogers, chewin’ scabs, scratchin’ on skeeter bites.

Grand Slam: That one where we fucked The Gracchi out of playing twice in one night!

Crawl Bands

Team: Unit 7 Drain

League: Death wave

Website: www.unit7drain.net

Uniform: The other team’s torn and bloody uniforms after we cut them off at the end of the "game."

Home Field: We practice in a parallel dimension filled with happiness and light. In this wondrous place FDR is still president, the Velvet Underground had more record sales than The Beatles, Pepsi is called "Rexxi" and is chock-full of Valium and you can buy hash brownies at every convenience store. We hang out at Del Taco.

Fight Song: "Anymore," Romeo Goes To Hell

Mascot: Engels, The Giant Red Socialist Panda

Hall of Fame Nominee: Yo La Tengo or The Pixies.

Crawl Bands

Team: The Vigil Brothers

League: Underground hip-hop

Website: www.myspace.com/vigilbros

Roster: Joey and DJ N-Tox

Uniform: We design our own shirts!

Lucky Charm: A little buddha statue

Home Field: Burt’s Tiki Lounge’s Vinyl and Versus nights

Fight Song: "Kombat the Enemy," Living Legends

Mascot: A Shogun warrior

Hall of Fame Nominee: The Nonce

Crawl Bands

Team: When Darkness Falls

League: Metal, rock

Website: www.myspace.com/darknesscrew

Pre-game Locker Room Ritual: A shot of Black Tooth. "Nostrovia!"

Grand Slam: Isleta Casino benefit concert for Hurricane Katrina victims (December 2005)

Crawl Bands

Team: Winterlock

League: Metal

Website: www.myspace.com/winterlock

Uniform: U.S. Air Force

Home Field: Our secret underground fortress!

Fight Song: "I Hate Country Music," Winterlock

Grand Slam: The night we got "Winterlocked" out of a Launchpad show because Downtown lost power due to a winter storm. Ralli’s finally let us in from the cold to play one hell of a show!

Crawl Bands

Team: The Ya Ya Boom Project!

League: Orchestral pop rocks

Website: www.myspace.com/theyayaboomproject

Roster: Carlos Kerplow, Miza Blast, Rob Plosion and Machina Dynamite

Uniform: Petticoats. Ties. Gloves. Socks and flip-flops (only when worn together).

Fight Song: " The Thong Song," Sisqo

Mascot: A wind-up bomb with legs

Pre-game Locker Room Ritual: Discussions of politics, the nature of the heart, fine cigars and cognac. Psych! Usually we pace frantically wondering where the other band members are until it’s time to set up. Then, magically, as if materializing out of thin air, they show.

Hall of Fame Nominee: PJ Harvey

Mvps The Headlining Acts Of Spring Crawl 2007

Team: Black Pegasus

League: Hip-hop, rap

Website: www.myspace.com/blackpegasus

Uniform: Baggy jeans and fly-ass T-shirts

Lucky Charm: Hippie mineral rocks

Home Field: Panera Bread Cafés in rich Colorado neighborhoods looking at MILFs.

Fight Song: " You Are the Best Around," Joe Esposito

Mascot: Brass knuckles

Pre-game Locker Room Ritual: The Kid & Play dance from the House Party movies

Hall of Fame Nominee: Bloodhound Gang


Team: Black Sheep

League: Hip-hop

Website: www.myspace.com/blacksheep

Uniform: Pencil moustaches and big giant pants

Lucky Charm: Wool

Home Field: Queens, N.Y.

Fight Song: “ Novakane Groove,” Black Sheep

Mascot: Little Bo Peep


Team: Eric McFadden Trio

League: Rock, indie, other

Website: www.ericmcfadden.com

Uniform: Tight black button-ups, blue jeans

Lucky Charm: Big belt buckles

Home Field: San Francisco, Calif.

Fight Song: "Feel Too Good To Die," Eric McFadden Trio


Team: Homer Hiccolm and the Rocketboys

League: Ambient rock

Website: www.myspace.com/rocketboys

Uniform: Navy or khaki canvas slip-on shoes, girl pants, other typical trendy clothes, Aphesis clothing, Josh wears rosary beads sometimes.

Lucky Charm: We have these transformers that are either dogs or humans.

Home Field: Abilene, Texas

Mascot: A really large rocket prop from an old church basement.

Pre-game Locker Room Ritual: Rousing renditions of various gospel songs. We actually call this ritual our "pre-game" and it’s one of the funnest parts of our band.

Hall of Fame Nominee: Elliott Smith deserves to be there—Jeff Buckley, too.

The Dj Dugout

DJ 12Tribe: Hip-Hop, Dancehall, R&B

DJ Devin: Commercial dance, hip-hop, ’80s, house

DJ Edge: Commercial dance, hip-hop, ’80s, house

DJ El Capitan: ’80s, top 40

DJ Jakob Jay: Commercial dance, house, top 40 dance

DJ Jonnie Ill Style: Hip-hop, old school, R&B

DJ Lucas: Electro, house, lounge

DJ Noble: Hip-hop, soul, R&B

DJ Shylox: Electronic

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